49ers vs Seahawks Week 15 Preview

49ers vs Seahawks Week 15 Preview

Written on 12/16/2018
Ronbo Sports

Every season it seems the defining times of the 49ers season gravitates around what takes place during the contest they play against the Seahawks. Whether it’s positioning in the conference, a measure of where the 49ers are in there various levels of development, or in some cases the outcomes of the games have possibly determined whether or not certain personnel will continue to stay with the 49ers organization or not. 

The Seahawks have become a litmus test of just how good the 49ers are since they’ve set the standard in the NFC west in particular. 

John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are not in any danger of losing their positions. However, it is not known if any of the positions under either Lynch or Shanahan may be affected by this season’s performances. This week’s game against the Seahawks could determine the future of both players, and coaches depending upon their performances if you take into account all of the things that Kyle Shanahan has said publicly.

Strangely enough the Seahawks are nowhere near the potency they were four seasons ago during their Super Bowl run, yet they’ve rebounded from a dismal season last year to currently be in position to enter the playoffs in 2018.

The fact is, Russell Wilson is suddenly appearing to be the driving force of the Seahawks, in spite of losing the best of players all around him. 

Few experts expected the Seahawks to do as well as they are in 2018, but here they are winning some close contest with decent teams while rolling along in their own rebuilding process. 

The 49ers meanwhile have been driving in reverse since Jimmy Garoppolo went down to injury. Especially when you consider Shanahan was left with the still raw quarterback C.J. Beathard who failed, and Nick Mullens was kind of undiscovered as far as a real pro. Fortunately for some reason the 49ers kept Nick around since last season. 

What we do know from watching Nick Mullens is that his poise is a level above that of C.J. while his skill sets and ability to process in the heat of battle is also a level above that of Beathard.

We witnessed Nick Mullens lose to the Seahawks in Seattle two weeks go, but it wasn’t due primarily to a poor performance on his part. The Hawks rush overwhelmed the 49ers offensive line during some key moments in the game. However Mullens stayed focused, and was never really shaken. He still moved the ball downfield and had several opportunities as is reflected in his 414 yards passing which is his best outing of the season. 

Where Mullens suffered was on the turnovers, and mistakes. Also the penalties as per usual played a huge part in the Seahawks running up so many points.

The 49ers will have to do a better job against the Seahawks run game this time in order to win. The 49ers have done well all season against the run with the exception of only a couple of games, and the Seahawks first meeting with the 49ers is one of those games. 

The latest report is that Breida, Goodwin, and Dante Pettis who were listed as questionable will be dressed and ready to go against the Seahawks at game time. 

This game will not resemble game one. For the Seahawks the playoffs are at stake. For the 49ers it’s about who wants to continue to remain in the organization? This game should be entertaining since the Seattle officials won’t be calling it.