49ers vs Bears Preview

49ers vs Bears Preview

Written on 12/23/2018
Ronbo Sports

At this point there is no way for anybody including Vegas to make a call on this game. What appeared obvious for the past two weeks has not came about. Even your most die Hard 49ers fans were shivering  before both the Broncos game, and for sure vs the Seahawks meeting. Both teams were coming to Santa Clara riding win streaks. 

Here comes team No. 3 riding a hot streak and against some very formidable opponents. 

If you just look at the 49ers there really is no reason to believe they can win vs the 21st century version of the "MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY".

I Would like to point out one thing however. if there is an advantage here it’s the "Kyle Shanahan" advantage.

I’ve always believed that since every team no matter how good they are defensively have at least a single weakness that may not be obvious to the average observer, Shanahan will be aware of it is whatever it is. His ability to exploit a teams vulnerabilities is uncanny. 

Right now I see no wrinkles in the Bears defense. Fangio is one of the most brilliant defensive coordinators in the NFL.

One theory I do have is that the league isn’t quite able to fully comprehend Nick Mullens just yet. Last year at this time the 49ers opponents coming down the stretch were completely confused about Jimmy Garoppolo in similar fashion. What’s more is George Kittle is that elite player that no matter what a defense does he is going to effect the opposing defense one way or the other. Whether he is making huge plays or drawing defenders Kittles presence can cause problems. If Marquise Goodwin is ready to fully contribute Kittle will be a serious problem as he was against the Broncos with him shadowing Goodwin down the field snap, after snap. 

Also rookie Dante Pettis is getting more comfortable in the NFL. Pettis is extremely tough to cover by a single defender. The Bears are stellar at stopping the run, and that is where the question of what will be the Shanahan alternative? The 49ers offense is dependent on the run game in order to be the most effective.

Last week Shanahan suddenly mobilized Garret Celek out of nowhere for a couple of huge gains including a touchdown. That move was a vintage Shanahan assassination.

I could be wrong, but I’m not overly impressed with the Bears offense. Mitch Trubisky is ok but he isn’t that kind of quarterback that is going to pick a defense apart. The Bears run the ball well, however the 49ers defense appears to be recovering from the absence of Rueben Foster. Elijah Lee, and Fred Warner both are well equipped to handle coverages which could thwart Trubisky’s limited skill set. Also both have excellent speed and athleticism to get to the ball carrier coming out of the backfield and get there in a hurry. 

I started out this piece saying the 49ers have no business winning this game, but then again they had no business winning the last two games either. This could be a trap game for the Bears.

I'll just say this, enjoy the game…