2018 Draft Class

2018 Draft Class

Written on 12/26/2018
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We can get excited about the upcoming 2019 draft class. I say that because apparently we are watching the growth of a new regime evolve from year one. Even though second year GM john Lynch has been around the game long enough to be up for a hall of fame gold jacket, running a club is whole other thing. 

If you look at the first year class it was not great, but the jury should stay out awhile longer before it can be said that the 2017 draft picks reflect an inexperienced group of execs.

Reuben Foster was a worthwhile risk, and the pick was understandable. Solomon Thomas was a bit overrated and was probably more of a mid to low first round pick. His rocket up the draft rankings remain a mystery, but his skill set did include a lot of what was needed for the 49ers defense.

2017 brought George Kittle to the 49ers. Kittle is a game changer, no doubt about it.

Witherspoon is coming around. He may have struggled early on, but from what we are seeing now with Robert Saleh’s defense is a sudden increase in speed within the entire unit. 

Saleh predicted that this group was going to struggle at the beginning of the season, and they did. This is one of the reasons that I believe in this coach. The 49ers would be wise to allow the growth to continue with Robert Saleh. It takes too long to install a new defense every season, or even every other season. 

What many didn’t recognize during draft night was that the 49ers got better after that night, and much better.

Grades were handed out that night and the 49ers barely passed. Anyone with any football intelligence of course realized it was too soon to hand out any grades and it’s something that should never be taken seriously anyway.

Now that we’ve finished the 2018 season if grades are handed out as would be more appropriate now, the "low C to C-" grades the 49ers collected from various sources would have to change. 

The top rookie offensive lineman in the NFL is the 49ers first pick in the draft, Mike McGlinchey. I don’t think that was just a lucky pick. The 49ers got what they expected. 

The 49ers second round draft pick Dante Pettis has but one problem and that is that he struggles with the brutality of the NFL. Outside of that, Dante Pettis is another game changer.

He will need to work hard on his strength and conditioning during the off season, but Pettis will have an impact on the 49ers offense.

Fred Warner found in the third round is so talented it’s ridiculous. Warner is a first round pick that was fortunately for the 49ers sake missed, and waited for the 49ers to pick him up. 

Tavarius Moore also picked up in the third round flashed glimpses of being very effective in the two games that he has covered for the injured starting corner back Ahkello Witherspoon.

Richie James has ran a touchdown coast to coast on a return against the hated Seahawks. The 2018 draft was as big a winner as the 49ers have ever had. John Lynch and his crew know what they are doing, stay tuned…

My contention is that we are going to be further amazed at what the 49ers bring back to Santa Clara after the 2019 draft.