How Long Would You Play George Kittle Sunday Vs Rams?

How Long Would You Play George Kittle Sunday Vs Rams?

Written on 12/28/2018
Ronbo Sports

George Kittle is currently sitting at 1,228 yards for the 2018 season. He needs only 100 yards to break the record. Travis Kelce has 1,274 and needs only 55 yards. If George has the kind of game against the Rams that he did against the Broncos that record will of course will be broken. The dilemma is in the fact that his main man, Travis Kelce is most likely also going to clip the record. George has to make up 50yards on TK in order to be the all time greatest surpassing Rob Grankowski.

However, this is a game where the stakes beyond Kittle’s potential all time record are the only reason to risk his health. George is the only blue ribbon skilled star playing on the 49ers offense this Sunday. Outside of the offensive line there are no starters. 

Ideally George eclipses the record in the first half and sits right? Wrong, because news from the Raiders vs Chiefs game is going to be monitored to see how Travis is doing all game long as the games will be playing simultaneously.

For the 49ers fan this is going to be a double edged nail biter, because we all want to see George set a new record but we wish he could do it sitting down on the sidelines! It could be that at the half, both Kittle, and Kelce could be in a heated competition to be be the top single season yard leading tight end of all time. You know that neither Kittle or Kelce wants to be No.2. This is going to be one exciting Sunday. 

The Rams meanwhile want nothing to do with Kittle setting any records in LA. If the 49ers beat the Rams that could take the first week bye away from the Rams and force them into hosting the wild card game in week one of the playoffs.