Picking Through "The Playoffs Ruins" For Value

Picking Through "The Playoffs Ruins" For Value

Written on 01/16/2019
Ronbo Sports

49ers fans are already filling out their "wish list" for players who may not be resigned by their current clubs. Of course the highest  interest will be those players that are occupying positions on teams that participated in the 2018 playoffs, but came up short of advancing to the elusive Super Bowl game.

The championship games for both the AFC & NFC will be coming up this weekend Jan. 20 to determine the Super Bowl births for the 2018 season. 

Two teams will emerge from sixteen weeks of pure hell, and allowed the privilege to battle for the victor of the 2018 campaign. It’s an insanity that millions, upon millions of us look forward to with huge interest.

The 49ers are just a few players, along with the luck of a healthy roster away from becoming relevant in 2019.

The future in the few months following the Super Bowl will be out of the players hands and into the responsibility of GM’s throughout the NFL.

Free agency is the first banquet of player choices. If your team has plenty of money as the 49ers do, most likely the season came up short of being special. It takes money it seems to build, and sustain a winner.

Also since free agency is the best time to address team needs the 49ers will need to bring a shopping cart.

The Niners rush has been questionable for years. Even though they’ve went about drafting and building the right way, the results have been lukewarm.

It all started with Arik Armstead four years ago. Armstead has only scratched the surface of his potential, but a decision will be made about his future with the 49ers in March. It’s not been assured that the 49ers will be picking up his contract. 

Deforest Buckner is worth giving the 49ers front office a round of applause. He is the defensive franchise player that everyone had hoped he would be. He represents the lone clearly successful first round pick. 

In year three as the 49ers "continue to build the right way" Solomon Thomas was the no. 3 overall pick of the 2017 draft. His rookie season wasn’t to bad. In fact it was encouraging. 

Thomas suffered a tragic setback in 2018. The loss of his sister of whom he cherished passed away due to unfortunate circumstances. Many believe the regression of Thomas stemmed from the family tragedy.

Will Thomas have had enough time from the anguish his sister’s death brought to him enough to continue his career with the 49ers in the upcoming season? This is what remains to be seen in 2019. 

The 49ers must continue to add players to a pass defense that continues to feature only one standout in Deforest Buckner. He can’t get it done alone.

Some of the names that will be available in the upcoming free agency period that have been especially attractive to many 49ers fans have been defensive lineman like Dee Ford, Trey Flowers, and Anthony Fowler,  Last season it was rumored that the 49ers pursued the Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham.

What are the odds that one of the aforementioned end up with the 49ers? 

Better yet how about a couple of those names?

We can be sure that John Lynch and company will be doing the best that they can this year to bring some substantial help to the 49ers pass rush. The #Niners program is nearing full installment since the arrival of Shanahan and Lynch in 2017.  No one should surprised as to what length the 49ers will got to in this third season together under what is now a regime that is about to turn three years old.