If The 49ers Want Bosa, He’ll Be Available At No.2

If The 49ers Want Bosa, He’ll Be Available At No.2

Written on 01/17/2019
Ronbo Sports

First of all does anybody remember Markus Golden? Golden busted into the league with the Cards in 2016 to the tune of 12.5 sacks. In 2017 Golden suffered an ACL injury eleven weeks into the season. He finished that season with 2.5 sacks. I guess even before the injury the sophomore slump was affecting his efforts. 

If the Cards believe that Golden can return after a full healthy year behind him to anything resembling what he was like before the 2017 injury, they’re going to resign him. Chandler Jones and a healthy Markus Golden make it hard to imagine a desperate need for Nick Bosa since they play the same position. 

It only makes sense for the Cards to either trade down with those sneaky Raiders that have an abundance of first round picks to get either Nick Bosa, or as rumor would have it to bring Kyler Murray into "the black hole". 

By the way, as strange as it may seem the Cards may trade Josh Rosen, vs trading down and grab Kyler Murray for  themselves while most likely picking up some added picks for Rosen.

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury is all about offense. Murray can give him more than Josh Rosen can. If Kingsbury convinces the Cardinals that turning the program around would be better implemented by shifting direction and moving  Rosen, don’t be surprised. Every new coach wants to pick his own quarterback.

The fact of the matter is the Cards would put themselves right back in the first round with such a trade because the suitors for a deal involving Rosen would also be insane. The Cardinals can’t lose with such a plan.

The Cards are also looking at Larry "legend" Fitzgerald possibly not coming back for a 16th season with Arizona. Cardinals GM Steve Keim may be on the phone with the Steelers even as we speak attempting to steal Antonio Brown right out from under any plans the 49ers may have for Jerry Rice’s favorite receiver as well.

I say all this to  just about assure the 49ers fanbase that when the Cards get through doing whatever they plan on doing it won’t include Nick Bosa.

If the 49ers don’t trade down, and aren’t that crazy about players like Josh Allen, Clelin Ferrell, or Quinnen Williams, Nick Bosa will be a member of the 49ers defense in 2019 if they want him. Logic is screaming that to be a reality.