Antonio Brown Is Not The Only Winning Option

Antonio Brown Is Not The Only Winning Option

Written on 01/18/2019
Ronbo Sports

What is being overlooked is the fact that the onus to succeed in Kyle Shanahan’s offensive system may be on him at least 80%. 

If you’ll notice being a freak is the best attribute to qualify for work in Shanahan’s system. Look at the assembly of mutants currently on the roster. There is nothing normal about George Kittle. When Healthy Jerick Mckinnon does not resemble the average running back. Look at Matt Breida. We just found out that he also qualifies to become a member of "THE AVENGERS". Then there is Marquise Goodwin who for reasons beyond me is still disrespected after coming within a handful of yards short of a 1000 yards last season as he stayed relatively healthy and off of the IR for extended periods. I would love to see a foot race between Tyreek Hill, and Quise. Maybe the strangest, but athletic wide out on the team is Donte Pettis. I’ve never actually witnessed any player who does such a number on man coverage, as he does.

Fullback Kyle Juszczyk makes a mistake here, and there, but he has been to the Pro Bowl just about every year that he has been in the NFL due to his unusual talents.

Shanahan has assembled so many freaks so far that he could take on Professor Xavier and "THE XMEN" but they have to be healthy. That is the main reason for the past two seasons not being as productive as they should’ve been more so than any other reason.

Antonio Brown is more than likely another on file at the “MEN IN BLACK” headquarters as well, but if he doesn’t materialize for the 49ers in a few weeks there are other options that may not be Antonio, but anybody who thinks the offense won’t work without him hasn’t been paying attention. 

Tyrell Williams of the Chargers may be available as a free agent in a few weeks. He fits "the freak mold". He’s 6’4 and can sail across 40 yards in 4.42. That’s insane. It is believed that Shanahan is now looking at this type of receiver after struggling in the red zone in back to back seasons.

Also Donte Moncrief qualifies as the complete freak. Moncrief is 6’2 and can take out 40 yards of real estate in a 4.4 clip.

These are the kind of guys that end up playing for Kyle Shanahan’s offense. There will be no normal human beings on the 49ers offense. The first season that Shanahan can take his band of talented misfits through a whole season will be the one they dominate.

Remember last season when DeSean Jackson threw his hands up in the air, and asked to be traded out of Tampa Bay? That was mainly because Jameis Winston struggled developing chemistry with him. Jackson led the league last year with an 18.9 yards perception because of Ryan Fitzpatrick. DeSean is 32 but apparently that makes not much difference to him.

Here is something else too. Arians and Jackson have not spoken since Arians took over the team. Picture Marquise Goodwin, and DeSean Jackson on the same field with Jimmy G throwing them open, or hitting them in stride. What can a defense do with them running crossing patterns? Pick your poison, both will kill. You add Pettis, and or either Tyrell Williams or Donte Moncrief  to that combination, along with all pro tight end George Kittle. Shanahan would destroy any defense in the NFL. When the free agency period starts this year, keep your popcorn ready, it’s going to get interesting from here, with or without Antonio Brown.