The Return Of Trent Taylor In 2019

The Return Of Trent Taylor In 2019

Written on 01/22/2019
Ronbo Sports

Midway through the 2018 season I assumed Trent Taylor’s back may have still been aggravated from the procedure to adjust his discomfort during the offseason. I’ve gotta believe that was an accurate assessment. There is no way that Taylor suddenly couldn’t keep up, or forgot how to play slot receiver. 

At one point I start believing that Kyle Shanahan just didn’t include Taylor in the game plan, but then I thought every week leaving Taylor out of the action? Were talking about a receiver that was ranked the best slant route vacuum in the game. Now he isn’t included? Some had to do with the QB situation no doubt, but I wasn’t buying Taylor being a "sudden bust".

Pretty soon 49ers fans jumped to the conclusion that, Taylor even though he was only in his second season was done, and it was time to bring on the fan favorite Richie James.

I’m infatuated with James as well, but the conclusion that Taylor was done to my way of thinking was silly. Nobody seems to want to offer in explanation to Taylor’s production dropping off as if it drove over a cliff, but I’m convinced he was playing in enough pain to slow him down. 

In Taylor’s rookie season which was as recent as 2017, his stats were (15 games( (43 receptions) for (430 yards) which averages out to 10 yards a catch, or a first down every time he made a play. Taylor ended the season with 2 TD. 

The amazing thing about Taylor’s 2017 season was that he hit a bit of a rookie wall but still managed decent stats.

His 2018 campaign was in comparison disappointing. Taylor’s production fell down to (14 games) (26 receptions) for (215 yards) which was good for an (8.3 yards) per catch average. 

Granted, with Jimmy G every receivers average jumped, but I’m not at all convinced that we’ve seen the last of Trent Taylor. I suspect whatever was wrong with his back should have subsided by now. Taylor was actually looking a bit more like his 2017 self in the last couple of games. 

We’ll see in a few months if the return of the 2017 Trent Taylor shows up in 2019. The competition is going to be stiffening this season for sure as Kyle Shanahan has suffered about all the humiliation he intends to. I expect a turnaround for sure in 2018, but just not sure of how much. I would bet on Trent Taylor being a part of the success going forward.