How Did Kyle Wind Up Coaching The Senior Bowl?

How Did Kyle Wind Up Coaching The Senior Bowl?

Written on 01/23/2019
Ronbo Sports

I can’t imagine that Kyle Shanahan knew he would someday have the "not so honorable" selection to coach the Senior Bowl. This was not part of his plan upon arriving in San Francisco.

The NFL selects coaches that have fallen upon hard times during the NFL regular season to coach some of the top collegiate football talents that are draft eligible from both the northern and southern conferences.

Steve Wilks who coached the Cardinals to the worst season they’ve had in awhile, while also navigating the team to the number one position in the draft, actually earned the honor of coaching in this game. However the rules state you need to also be gainfully employed, but the Cardinals fired him. So it  really isn’t Kyle’s fault that he is taking on this task. 

Also Todd Bowles led the Jets to the number 3 position in the draft, but he too was asked to leave New York. 

The only eligible coaches that were bottom feeding in the 2018 season other than the two terminated coaches are Kyle Shanahan and Jon Gruden of whom is most likely no longer considered the Raiders savior after getting rid of some of the city of Oakland’s favorite players, while battling for a fourth position in the 2019 draft.

There are obvious benefits to coaching this game. Both Gruden and Shanahan really should be grateful since they’re already in the precarious positions that they are. They’ll get a close up look at some of the best available talents in the draft. 

As I write this, it seems the day in practice belonged to wide receiver Deebo Samuel from Toledo. Imagine that, a receiver that shows star power. Who is it that we know is looking for a talented receiver? That’s right Kyle Shanahan. 

Keep an eye on Samuel in the game that will be aired Saturday Jan 26. Samuel has hamstring problems that seem to often reoccur, but few talented receivers don’t  have that issue?