Trey Flowers Will Be The One

Trey Flowers Will Be The One

Written on 01/24/2019
Ronbo Sports

Look at the list of free agents to shop from this season. Jadaveon Clowney, and Demarcus Lawrence are not leaving the state of Texas. After seeing how Quenton Nelson man handled, and mangled Clowney up during this past 2019 playoff game my infatuation has grown cold on him anyway. The effort by Clowney in that contest was an embarrassment. 

Demarcus Lawrence being tagged last season could make things interesting for Jerry Jones. Is Jones going to tag Lawrence again, or spend the entire offseason in arbitration? 

What Jones would be wise to do is make quick work of satisfying Lawrence, and work on getting a quarterback. Dak in combination with head coach Jason Garrett redefines the term FAIL.

In fact until Jones stops believing "yes man" Garrett is the answer to the Cowboys future success 49ers fans need not be concerned with them winning a sixth ring before San Francisco does.

Brandon Graham was on the menu of the Niners Faithful last season. It was a good thing the Eagles didn’t budge on that deal last season. It would have changed the glimmering course of history of last years Eagles championship.  

This past year the aging Graham had a drop in production. The Eagles are not expected to pick up his contract. Graham being 31 is going to be an issue for most GM’s with his prowess seemingly slipping.

What is actually worrisome is that the Lions have most likely had enough of paying Ziggy Ansah huge money for him to watch games from his hospital room. Honestly, Ziggy should give up trying to come off of the edge, because he has a tendency to not come back after the ball is snapped due to having been destroyed in an attempt to do his job, which is to stop the quarterback. Ansah spends more minutes on the field laying in a heap waiting for an ambulance more than any defensive end in football, all the while collecting franchise tag funds into his account. If Ansah is running a hustle on the Lions it will make for a great movie when it does go into production. 

The fear Niners fans will have during free agency is that Ansah’s former coach Kris Kocurek is now the 49ers defensive line coach. What if Kocurek  suffers temporary insanity and request Ansah to come over to Santa Clara?

Frank Clark is most likely living at Pete Carroll’s house under heavily armed guards supervision. From what I’m hearing, Carroll is lobbying heavily to hold on to Clark. I cannot imagine him sliding out of Seattle and into the hands of the 49ers. He would have been a solid candidate with learning the same defensive system too.

Dee Ford might be a possibility, but doesn’t Kansas city have enough problems defensively? Would they really not negotiate with Ford to continue with them? I just can’t imagine that. They just fired their most recent DC Bob Sutton. I have a feeling Sutton was delighted to ship out. The Chiefs defense last season was reminiscent of the Raiders defense that year they stumbled into the playoffs in 2016. Both the Raiders and Chiefs have had prolific offenses that could score all day, but so could their respective opponents. In the playoffs is where that weakness will usually play out. Dee Ford had an impressive 2018 season however and he will be on watch by most of the NFL should KC allow him to shop.

When you look at Trey Flowers a lot of observers believe he is mainly a run stuffer and sets the edge well. Flowers had 7.5 sacks during the regular season. He has 2 in the playoffs so far. My hunch is that Belichick would rather let him leave than give him a new contract big enough to inspire the kid to greater achievements. Clearly it appears that at 25 years old Flowers is currently in an upward trajectory. He is solid, and plays the position well. He comes off that corner like a locomotive, and is a true hand in the dirt 4-3 DE.

I see the potential for Flowers to migrate west to Santa Clara as quite a possibility.