Who Will Jimmy Be Taking With Him To The All Star Game In 2020?

Who Will Jimmy Be Taking With Him To The All Star Game In 2020?

Written on 01/28/2019
Ronbo Sports

Jimmy Garoppolo will be accompanied by a few other 49ers to the All star game provided they have a mishap and fail to get to the Super Bowl is what I’m saying, and I mean it!

While many are insisting on missing pieces as a reason to doubt the 49ers being a substantial threat to any playoff team in the NFL, I’m feeling fairly certain that the number one reason is and continues to be the injured reserve list being the biggest obstacle. Further I’m also convinced that maturity is about to get involved in the upcoming season.

The 49ers were lacking anything resembling maturity because they were built nearly from scratch to begin with.

The new regime started the rebuild process in 2017. They were narrowly beaten week after week for most of that season.

Suddenly out of the darkness like a Knight in shinning armor Jimmy Garoppolo came riding in mounted on a big white Stallion. Garoppolo was the catalyst for an immediate transformation. The young players rallied around their new leader, and star which resulted in positive results. 

The 49ers weren’t  perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the young niners played with a determination and purpose that winners are made out of to end 2017.

Some, including myself thought at the end of the 2017 that the youngsters had grown up fast in the school of hard knocks, and it was going to be full speed ahead for the young Niners in 2018.

As we now know, things just are not that easy.

I do continue to believe that maturity will play just as big a factor in the upcoming season as everything else. 

Every young player on the 49ers roster that is allowed to continue will have plenty of reps in Shahanah’s system which incidentally is indeed equivalent to "rocket science". The added time and valuable reps within the system will be a huge plus going forward. 

Jimmy G who came out of the gate slow last season due to mainly rolling into the ring like a fighter in round one, going slow, and feeling things out, due to focusing on trying to get everything in Shanahan’s system  right had and still has people believing that he just suddenly turned into an average, to poor QB. 

Jimmy has had a year to grasp Shanahan’s system, and most likely will look much more efficient in it this year.

When you look at Garropolo’s weaponry, and again time together in Shanahan’s system combined with young players added maturity is going to add another level of competence that I doubt anybody outside of the 49ers locker room really sees coming. 

Sure the team can add more talent but the most potent weapons on the field next season will be Jimmy G, Matt Breida, George Kittle, Marquise Goodwin, and maybe the most dangerous weapon that Jimmy G will be taking to the Pro Bowl game with him next year in the event the team does fail to make the Super Bowl is Dante Pettis.

Kittle will have DC’s staying up late nights before games to figure out how to at least contain him next season.

One of the biggest beneficiaries will be Pettis, and possibly Jerick McKinnon due to the type of iso-schemes Shanahan likes to dial up. Defenses will insist on Garoppolo having to beat them with everybody except Kittle. Goodwin will take care of himself, and be a major factor in every scheme Shanahan brings to the game plan. After a season of comprehension of the NFL, I do believe the talented Dante Pettis will pile up some ridiculous stats due to opposing defenses being forced to go into zone coverages that will include linebackers. This is an environment that can be created by both Shanahan’s schemes and play calling without a problem. From there the 49ers have the exact formula of speed, and route runners to bring a team to its knees offensively. Pettis will win any coverage a defense can throw at him. Garoppolo will come to understand Pettis’s unorthodox fashion, and from there we will see a show…