Is The Honeymoon With Shanahan Over?

Is The Honeymoon With Shanahan Over?

Written on 01/29/2019
Ronbo Sports

The 49ers aren’t in the playoffs, and have struggled in 2017- 18- 19 just as much as they did under the post Harbaugh disasters of Jim Tomsula, and Chip Kelly, I get that. 

However what I’m looking at is what the current regime inherited from the mess that was created, and left by Trent Baalke. We believed that Shanahan and Lynch were going to come in, wave a magic wand and the 49ers would be immediately back into the picture. I was as guilty as everybody else with this silly line of thinking. 

We were suffering from a combination of suffering, and anxiety from the two previous seasons. 

49ers fans just wanted the embarrassment to come to an end, and become relevant again. The collective mood was warranted.

I still remember the jubilation felt through out a huge percentage of the Niners Empire when news arrived that the 49ers had landed Kyle Shanahan as the head coach. What added to the intrigue of that news was that Kyle was going to be late flying into Santa Clara to take over his new duties, due to his having to run the offense in the 2017 Super Bowl. 

What we failed to realize is that the Falcons were personnel stocked to the nines, and fully capable of launching a very difficult Kyle Shanahan offensive system. 
Shanahan took over a 49ers roster that couldn’t claim either quality…

As the 49ers enter the 2019 season the winning picture is finally starting to form. There is no question about the 49ers backfield being potent as any in the NFL. Jimmy Garoppolo, Matt Breida and Jerick Mckinnon are all way above average talents. The team now can boast one of, if not the best tight end in football in the record setting George Kittle.

The receiving corp doesn’t get much respect but that is a mistake. The 49ers receiving corp isn’t healthy but incapable? I doubt that is true. There is this falsehood that the 49ers need a no.1 receiver. This is the most overrated desire circling the 49ers community. Even without Antonio Brown joining the 49ers their combination of role players that include speed in Marquise Goodwin, size, George Kittle, mind blowing route running and separation Dante Pettis. All the aforementioned are very capable of becoming even more large, and in charged when teamed up with Jimmy G. If Trent Taylor can return to form in the upcoming season he on many an occasion will become the "X-factor".

Kyle doesn’t operate from the perspective of needing to deploy a "number 1" receiver. If a player is hot he’ll eat, but that won’t necessarily be the case game after game, play after play. In fact Shanhan’s offense goes away from the concept all game long. The essence of Shanahan’s offense is distribution designed to keep the defense confused and guessing.

Contrary to some of the untruth flowing about, Shanahan and Lynch are not on the hot seat. Even Jed can recognize that the the new duo is in he middle of installing an infrastructure, and cohesive blueprint for future winning, and should not be interrupted or disturbed.

Some will start campaigning for the ouster of Lynch & Shanahan if the 49ers don’t destroy the NFL in 2019 but that will fall on def ears.

I suggest they sit down, relax and embrace the process. Winning is just ahead…