Pierre Garçon’s Cloak-And-Dagger Status

Pierre Garçon’s Cloak-And-Dagger Status

Written on 01/31/2019
Ronbo Sports


Matt Maiocco is being accused of being the author of the latest 49ers thriller starring Pierre Garçon.

Maiocco is allegedly being given credit for claiming that last Wednesday Kyle Shanahan was quoted stating that Pierre Garçon would not be returning to the 49ers for the 2019 season.

You may have already noticed that various sports media outlets are running with the story. You have probably also noticed the name Matt Maiocco as the source of the story.

The hilarity continued the other day when Maiocco posted on Twitter to not only deny the story, but that the story did not originate with him. He continued to say he had no such confirmation. 

Maiocco called CBS, and ESPN and others out for running that story and stating it was confirmed with NBCS bay area reporter Matt Maiocco!

Meanwhile in Santa Clara not a word about Garçon to even bail out there buddy Matt Maiocco. How bizarre is this? Is someone running around disguised as Matt Maiocco putting out fake news?

The next question that would have to follow is, are the 49ers going to pick up the non-guaranteed portion of Garçon's contract or not? 

Suddenly the matter is becoming more, and more interesting.

Remember before the mid-season trade deadline Shanahan would not rule out trading Garçon? He was having a ho hum season and having very little impact as the 49ers were cruising along at an ugly 1-7 clip.

It would seem nothing unusual that the 49ers wouldn’t elect to pick up Garçon’s contract at the amount of money he would be collecting, especially given his 2 years performance since his initial contract signing.  What is with the hush, hush about this situation? 

Stay tuned…