Patriots Super Bowl Defense Will Influence Shanahan In 2019

Patriots Super Bowl Defense Will Influence Shanahan In 2019

Written on 02/05/2019
Ronbo Sports

A few days before the Super Bowl it was said that Kyle Shanahan would be taking into close observation Bill Belichick’s never fail Super Bowl defense that will this time be applied to the Rams. Shanahan wanted to know how a master defensive tactician would go about neutralizing the Rams usually potent offense. 

Shanahan had to have been satisfied with what he witnessed. 

Belichick will go down as one of the greatest defensive masterminds of all times. 

History can prove how few times Belichick’s defensive schemes have been ineffective. 

Shanahan’s offensive creativity nearly overcame the extremely disciplined Patriots defense during Super Bowl LI. The Falcons at least temporarily stifled Belichick’s defense for three quarters. Had the Falcon’s own defense been a bit more capable in the closing minutes of the contest, Atlanta would have beaten New England. The Falcon’s defense failed on a game closing drive that enabled the Patriots to win their fifth Super Bowl.

Belichick reached out to Shanahan awhile later due to his being impressed with the then 37 year old offensive coordinator to praise him for his efforts and football intelligence.

I think Belichick was in awe of how he could do nothing to stop Shanahan’s offensive momentum in the opening quarters to the point that, for a change he felt that maybe there now existed somebody who even he could gain from.

Shanahan was on a similar page as he attended the Super Bowl, more than likely taking the same notes that every DC in the NFL was taking on what would be the most effective to slow down McVay’s hight powered offense.

Belichick made it look almost too easy. 

You have to wonder if Belichick’s defensive x’s and o’s would have been as effective against the combination of Sean Payton, and Drew Brees who have nearly as much time together, in the NFL as Belichick and Brady. 

McVay and his young quarterback Jared Goff were doomed the minute it was announced that they would be the team to meet the Patriots as the NFC champion representatives. 

Tom Brady had one of his worst outings ever, and still came up a winner in this particular Super Bowl which adds to the fact that the Rams were completely overmatched in this Super Bowl. This game had very little to do with Brady’s efforts, and all to do with the uncanny defensive brilliance of Bill Belichick.

Sean McVay admitted as much when he was quoted after the game of being completely out coached. 

It’s going to be very interesting to see the first 49ers vs Rams contest in the upcoming season.