Is Antonio Brown Still On The 49ers To Do List?

Is Antonio Brown Still On The 49ers To Do List?

Written on 02/06/2019
Ronbo Sports

I was feeling pretty confident about the NFL top receiver Antonio Brown most likely showing up at Santa Clara for OTA’s in April.

I was of the belief that with Brown making it clear that he wants to be with the 49ers no other team will bother to negotiate with the Steelers in good faith knowing that Brown would be coming to them against his will should a deal be reached. That would mean a non-non-committed attitude that most likely would result in not showing up for camp until it was mandatory, and showing very little enthusiasm for whatever club insisted on him coming to their place. From that perspective the Steelers also most likely would get a minimum deal from whomever outside of the 49ers would be making a luke warm effort with the Steelers go gain Brown in the first place.

Antonio has made clear where he wants to go for the 2019 season.

Having said that however, with this latest smear of AB’s name I do wonder if it’s going to have an effect on the 49ers who more than likely were not happy with the media report on "the alleged allegations" against Brown involving anything with the term "domestic" that also involved the police.

The incident in Miami involving Brown was a bit disturbing as well.

It seems Brown went into a rage after discovering that his house had been robbed of $80,000.00 and a 9mm hand gun. Brown called the police, and the cleaning crew was questioned but no charges were filed. Meanwhile AB went into an out of control rage and started throwing everything in the place including an ottoman over the balcony that went crashing down below from the 14th floor of the condo. 

Brown is currently being sued by both an individual that was narrowly missed by the debris flying over the Balcony that also missed a toddler. The Condo owner is also suing AB for the extensive damages to the condo.

This may be seen as frightening behavior from where John Lynch and the 49ers F.O. is sitting. Even if you get over the loud argument that was designated as a "domestic dispute", the fit over his house being robbed would raise concerns as to AB’s emotional stability.

We'll soon see if the 49ers will overlook the caper or not. The interesting thing about this character assassinating episode is the timing of it.