49ers Time Waste Regarding Raiders Dilemma

49ers Time Waste Regarding Raiders Dilemma

Written on 02/07/2019
Ronbo Sports

One can only hope that the current drama that has suddenly fallen into the lap of the 49ers is not affecting anyone beyond Jed York, a select few including maybe Paraag Marathe, and at least five Boston lawyers.

This whole "where can the Raiders call home next season" situation is a matter that I’m hoping is not even necessary to involve any player personnel management. John Lynch, Adam Peters and Martin Mayhew have so many more important matters to attend to right now. 

The debacle broke out at the beginning of the week, and we’re moving into the weekend with no decision as to whether the Raiders will be playing in Levis Stadium vs their old home facility in Oakland as of yet.

What is the most worrisome is that it is believed that the league can have the last word on this ridiculous matter that could override any decision the 49ers make.

My question is the fairness, or lack thereof surrounding this entire mess. Does Goodell have the right to issue an ultimatum to the 49ers over the Raiders problems?

One report stated that Goodell may ask Jed if he is going to exercise territorial rights to block the Raiders out of Oracle park, home of the San Francisco Giants, and right downtown where the pulse of the Niners Empire can be clearly felt. It is believed that Goodell will propose to Jed York,  and company that he will "have to make a choice" between allowing the Raiders to share Levis stadium with the Raiders or rescind the territorial rights, and allow the Raiders to play in downtown San Francisco? What kind of choice is that?!!

However, it is also believed that Goodell will also let the Raiders know that the 49ers have agreed to share Levis stadium with them for a season to keep them the hell out of downtown San Francisco. Or if the Raiders aren’t comfortable with that option they can go back to Oakland where they still have a year left on a lease that they are looking to break.

If the Raiders have any dignity they would choose to return for their final season to Oakland, no matter how much heat they have to take from the city of Oakland. Their main concern should be to the fans that have been loyal to them for all this time .

It will be such a wonderful day when the Raiders are finally out of the Bay area…