Trey Flowers Could Be The 49ers Free Agent Pick Up

Trey Flowers Could Be The 49ers Free Agent Pick Up

Written on 02/10/2019
Ronbo Sports

We can stop wasting grey matter thinking that Demarcus Lawrence is going to be an available free agent. That just isn’t going to happen. Jerry Jones is stupid but he isn’t crazy. One of the main reasons the Cowboys defense has gained so much recent respect is that their defensive line has a solid edge rusher. 

For years I’ve been certain that real pressure from the edge is the main missing ingredient with the 49ers, and especially now with the interior they’ve assemble in the past 4 years. As soon as that matter is properly addressed the complaints about the defensive line will almost immediately stop.

We can get over Jadeveon Clowney as well. The Texans will franchise tag him until they can figure out what else to do with him. If the Texans are going to clown around with Clowney all off season that is exactly what is going to end up happening.

Dee Ford from what I’ve heard has already been told that he will be franchise tagged, so that’s over.

Ideally the 49ers make some trades to get the guys they need rather than overpay for a a free agent which more often than not is the case anyway.

What’s even more painful about the free agency manner of improving the roster is that the player that i over payed doesn’t really meet expectations most of the time. That seems to apply to franchise tagged players as well. Kirk Cousins is the number one example of how that works.

Ziggy Ansah hasn’t played a full season since 2015, and there is no need to believe him coming to San Francisco means that he is going to suddenly stop missing games. Ansah will be 30 on May 29. That fact guarantees that if the 49ers were to sign him at some point during the season he will be screaming on the sidelines in pain. He’ll then take either several weeks, or the entire season off. Ansah would be a foolish mistake. Also, Ansah will have the nerve to insist on a huge payday. At least his agent will for sure. I wanted Ziggy last season, but I’m as over him as the Lions are now.

Trey Flowers will be 26 on Aug 16. If you’re going to overpay for a player Flowers may be one of the most attractive if not the most attractive.

The knock on Flowers by some is that he is a better run stopper than he is a pass rusher. The 49ers already have a player that fits that description in Arik Armstead who had his best year since he was drafted by the 49ers. The 49ers are going to have to make a decision next month as to whether they are going to pick the 5th year option up or not on Armstead. If they do, he would pick up $9 plus mill. 

I won’t be surprised if the 49ers pick up Armstead’s option. Can it really be just a coincidence that Buckner had his best season the first year that Armstead stayed in play for the whole 16 games? 

Trey Flowers had 7.5 sacks, but he does a lot of things well,  including not being a slouch in midfield pass coverage.

Where his impact would be most appreciated is at least causing enough panic coming off the edge to make the offensive line take him serious enough to put Buckner in more one on one predicaments. If the 49ers do pick up Flowers it could pivot their thinking towards picking Quinnen Williams up in the draft. That may also trigger a trade involving Armstead. Williams is probably the safest pick in the top 5 of the 2019 draft. If he is place along side of Buckner, you can put that line in the top 5 a few minutes after the season starts.

Flowers is my number one free agent pick that I believe may actually be made available during the free agency period. One thing that can always be relied upon is Belichick making his rookie contract expirations feel like they should feel lucky to even play for him. I expect talks between the 49ers, and Flowers legal team to happen for sure, as will a few teams.

Trey Flowers in action…