How Much Does An Anthony "Super Barrio" Cost?

How Much Does An Anthony "Super Barrio" Cost?

Written on 02/11/2019
Ronbo Sports

The first thing anybody ask about players of Anthony Barr’s caliber is why on earth doesn’t Minnesota try to close a deal with him immediately? Better yet, why didn’t the Vikings go ahead and extend him last season rather than pick up his fifth year option?

Granted the Vikings have a lot of players to consider with others possibly also having expiring contracts. I’m guessing the strategy is to hold out as long as possible on the big payday. After all, being thrifty with the kids on their rookie contracts allowed the Vikings the funds needed to buy the winning lottery ticket for the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes!

The only problem with the Cousin’s sweepstakes is that it didn’t turn out to be a, "and they lived happily every after" story. The banished Case Keenum who in the 2017 season was basking in the purple and Gold sun with the Vikings and NFC glory went 6 - 10 over in Denver with the Broncos after being kicked out of Minnesota for losing the NFC tittle game to the Eagles. That was the same Eagles team that was also good enough to beat the almighty  Patriots in Super Bowl LII. 

Meanwhile Kirk Cousins won a couple of more games than Case did in 2018 with a less than sizzling 8-1-7 which impressed no one for a player of his pay grade. Case Keenum with that same Vikings squad won 13 games in 2017.

That move reflects how people think in the Vikings front office which is why they are now on a budget that could be tight enough that they will have to make some sacrifices. Will Anthony Barr be one of those Viking loses? 

My research reveals that the Vikings are saying he has consistency issues, and that he runs hot, and cold. If you’re going to come up with something to lower a players value that would seem a bit weak, but that seems to be the story the Vikings are sticking with.

Barr made $12.3 mill from his 5th year extension for the 2018 season. His agent is expected to start the package at $10 mill a year. After that is established of course, the amount of years wanted on the contract will be when the arguing starts.

The 49ers can win this one if they get involved provided the Vikings don’t franchise tag Barr. 

The Kirk Cousins high price signing has handcuffed the Vikings who gambled and pretty much lost with Cousins.  Even with the NFL salary cap adjustment this year the Vikings have a puny $6,940,015 to spend.

Barr most likely won’t be sympathetic with the Vikings being financially embarrassed, and John Lynch will be playing the role of the handsome guy that stole the Vikings date.

The funny thing about Anthony is that he has only totaled 13.5 sacks in his 5 years in the league. Arik Armstead of whom has played a year less and missed the better part of 2 of the 4 years he has been with in the NFL has 9 sacks just to add some unpleasant perspective. However I do think Barr has a higher ceiling if used properly. 

Barr’s real job description is really that of an OLB. He shouldn’t be caught with his hand in the dirt any more than necessary. The 49ers could use him much like they would if they were to draft Josh Allen. Line Barr up on non- expected passing downs at the SAM. On passing downs of course he would take position at LEO.

Anthony Barr at the SAM, Fred Warner at the MIKE would indeed be special. 

The 49ers won’t be the only team looking to put the snatch on Barr in a few weeks but  Barr could very well be a realistic possibility.

Mrs.Barr’s baby boy in action