Will 49ers Fans Survive If Brown Doesn't Come To Town?

Will 49ers Fans Survive If Brown Doesn't Come To Town?

Written on 02/13/2019
Ronbo Sports

I’m hoping all this Antonio Brown stress doesn’t end up with Niners fans waking up one day to find out one of the teams competing for Antonio’s high level talents has signed him ahead of the 49ers front office. I wonder if we could survive such a "blunt force trauma"?!

Vegas is actually laying odds on where Brown ends up. The 49ers are the front running favorites according to BookMaker.eu. They are closely followed by the Steelers, Jets, and Raiders. 

This particular betting line sprung after Browns searing announcement Tuesday that he had delivered a demand to be traded according to a report by Adam Schefter. 

Schefter’s report isn’t surprising considering AB obviously no longer has any "BFF's" in the Steelers organization particularly amongst the management types. 

49ers fans are in high anticipation due to Niners legends doing all the heavy lifting while John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan can only sit quietly, and watch the drama unfold as they are bound by policy not to say a word one about players that are currently under contract as Antonio Brown most certainly is.

Rice has been the 49ers biggest influence on Ab, and has went as far as to volunteer responsibility for Brown should the 49ers finally come to an agreement with him. Terrell Owens has added input, and a number of others in the NFL community.

My fears are stemming from what if something that looks so promising falls through, and Brown does not end up slipping into a nice red and gold uniform with his name on the back? Can the 49ers fanbase handle that? I sincerely doubt it. 

You can just about count the folks within the ranks of the Niners faithfuls that don’t want Antonio Brown on the team at this hour.

I just hope the 49ers players of whom all are most likely fully aware of the Antonio Brown situation haven’t invested any real feelings or emotions toward the all pro receiver joining them for the 2019 season. 

It’s one thing for the fanbase to endure a let down over such a disappointment, but not the players! They still have a job to do in tearing up the NFC west division. They can’t be bothered with anything else on their minds. 

Besides I’m pretty confident as long as the current offensive players don’t start dropping like flies due to injury as they have since Shanahan arrived, they will be a handful for any defense in the league. This line of thinking is the one saving grace should Antonio not end up on the 49ers roster in 2019 but he would make matters a bit easier for sure.

To Brown For The Touchdown!