Which Team Between Dallas & San Francisco Will Thomas Choose?

Which Team Between Dallas & San Francisco Will Thomas Choose?

Written on 02/16/2019
Ronbo Sports

The NFL recently refreshed and updated the cap to an adjustment of $191M. The Cowboys have more to spend above the cap than I was aware of. Dallas has $54M to work with. Like everybody else, if they can avoid dead money hits against the cap they can indeed afford Earl Thomas. 

In total the Cowboys are having to deal with 16 of their own free agents. Dallas does however have to address their pro bowl defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence. I only assume that LB Damien Wilson, WR Cole Beasley and Tavon Austin have some serious worth to the Cowboys. That’s enough to rip into a $54M cash ceiling. 

The 49ers have been reducing payroll starting back with Earl Mitchell and most recently Pierre Garçon. The 49ers are currently right around $63M

I’ve been watching the Cowboys transactions and it appears they may be willing to split with Cole Beasley, as he would be somewhat pricey. It is believed that $11M may be enough to land Earl Thomas. There is no question that the 49ers can afford Thomas. The question is, does Earl care to join the 49ers?

Thomas has already made clear he wants to join the Cowboys. If I had to place a bet and really wanted to win, my guess is Earl goes home to Texas…

The most appealing thing about joining the 49ers for Thomas would be reuniting with Richard Sherman and being at home in a defense that he helped to make famous in the modern era. 

Not to mention the opportunity to come back and haunt the Seahawks twice a year for how ever long he will continue in the NFL. How much influence could Richard Sherman have over Thomas’s decision remains to be seen.

If it’s about the payday it could also come down to who wants Earl the most. Would it be wise  for the 49ers to get into a bidding war with the Cowboys over a soon to be 30 year old who may have but a couple of seasons of effectiveness left in him? We have about two weeks before the combine which turns into a breeding ground for "rumors central" when it comes to conversations between GM’s getting caught making illegal deals that the league traditionally allows, brace yourself…

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