Who Will The 49ers "Really Pickup" During The FA Period?

Who Will The 49ers "Really Pickup" During The FA Period?

Written on 02/20/2019
Ronbo Sports

I’ve almost grown weary of the best of the best coming to the 49ers via free agency. Rumors on a daily basis of some of the who’s who in the NFL are causing the imagination to work overtime. Thinking has brought on a fatigue that has lead to anxiousness that is pretty much uncomfortable.

As a 49ers fan such thought processes are just not something we’ve become accustomed to. 

However, it’s a new day in San Francisco. it seems clear that the organization is albeit painfully, morphing through a transition that actually does seem to be wading through the natural disasters of football before it blossoms into a competing force that every team in the NFL will be looking forward towards as an all out war. (cue the NFL films music)

The day that the 49ers Kyle Shanahan led offense engages an opponent with at least 90 percent of it’s front line warriors will be a spectacle after 3 years of preparation in combination with non-stop humiliation will be a discharge to match the explosion of 200 tons of TNT.. The young players looking to finally establish a reputation side by side with veterans who’ve been waiting for the youngsters to get up to speed could be epic. All of Shanahan’s teachings would come into fruition, building a confidence that would evolve into an even higher level that would make the 2019 49ers suddenly major players in the hunt for NFL supremacy.

Shanahan has the quarterback he needs in Jimmy Garoppolo, as opposed to the one he wanted in Kirk Cousins. 

Garoppolo’s breeding under the living legend Bill Belichick who most likely originally had different plans for the young QB was equal to sending a special forces fighter to the 49ers.

If Dante Pettis is what he appears to be and can stay in play he could be special, very special.

Offense is most likely going to evolve with nothing more than the return of all the starters and an additional player or two.

The defense remains a mystery.  The Free Agency period is just a few weeks away. The names on the list of possibilities are numerous. The talents available would cure the teams problems immediately. The edge which is, and has been a problem for way too long, has several prospects including good talents, but they fall short of being spectacular. 

The best of the best players will stay put with their current teams by franchise tag if they can’t reach contract agreements. 

A players like Trey Flowers would be good because of having trained under Belichick. Defensive players under Belichick is ideal due to the discipline on defense Belichick instills in his players.

Anthony Barr will not be franchise tagged by the Vikings according to reports, but is what they say about him "coasting during games" accurate? That question can only be answered after players like Barr are in a 49ers uniform, and on the field of play. If the answer to the question is yes, the 49ers will have immediately suffered a setback. 

We see free agents fail upon signing huge albatross contracts year after year. This is one of the built in dangers of signing free agents. What some players display within the systems they came from is a level of skill that took time to develop. It doesn’t necessarily mean they will look the same after coming over to a new system. That’s one of the biggest reasons it is always said that it is best to build through the draft. There is no real way of knowing a player is going to be able to emulate his past success in a new system. It’s always a gamble.

Not a lot is being said of Brandon Graham but I think that is more due to his age of 30 than anything else. That vintage age could be an advantage. Graham has saw it all in his time in the NFL. He’s a monster coming off the edge and would most likely have enough professionalism under his belt to step right into the 49ers lineup and continue to do what he does. He is about as low a risk player that is available. He will indeed pressure the quarterback on every snap, because that is not something he needs any instruction on or need to adapt to. We’ll soon find out of the 49ers offer the crafty veteran a shot. 

Meanwhile enjoy the clip below of the carnage that Graham brings to a defensive front.  

Graham in destroy mode https://youtu.be/55ba8BUzt3E