49ers Caution Towards A Harmonious Locker Room Is Right

49ers Caution Towards A Harmonious Locker Room Is Right

Written on 02/24/2019
Ronbo Sports

Remember last season when it was rumored that the Patriots were having problems with TB12 vs Bill Belichick, in regards to "what’s wrong with the Patriots facilities for the players to train at"?  We haven’t heard a word about Tom Brady’s business partner Alex Guerrero, since Belichick informed him that there were no seats on the Patriot’s planes for him anymore. That was by design. Tom was pissed and the media found out and told everybody. The ungluing was underway.

How about the added rumor, and humor that Tom Brady told his lady loving boss Robert Kraft that he had planned to play for many more years, and that paying Jimmy G premium prices to be his backup was unnecessary? That much was easy to believe. Even now Tom refuses to stop, and he’ll soon be eligible for social security.

Truth is Belichick had no intentions of trading Jimmy Garoppolo until Kraft instructed him to do so? It was Brady who was going to be the 49ers QB had Belichick had his way.
Ironically last year the Patriots lost a Super Bowl to an Eagles team led by Nick Foles… 

Did the Patriots put to much energy into "TB12 gate"?

Remember when Pete Carroll lost his locker room to what resembled the movie, "Mutiny on the bounty" with his coddling of Russell Wilson and his excessive praising of a quarterback that was put in position to win mainly on the strength of a devastating defense? That same defense was thrown the trimmings of lavish feast had by the offense that was probably only 40 percent responsible for the success in Seattle. Marshawn Lynch was never given enough credit. My favorite rumor out of that locker room back in the day is that Russell Wilson was accused of not being Black enough by wide receiver Percy Harvin. Carroll got rid of Harvey shortly thereafter.

As soon as the Seahawks paid Wilson more than they could afford while Chancellor, Lynch, and others had to wait the locker room was done. Yes, the Seahawks should have won the Super Bowl that year in spite of all the turmoil. Pete Carroll calling for a pass play on the one yard line was more to blame than anything else at that moment, but still. 

From that day on Sherman was on Carroll everyday on behalf of the entire locker room members not named Wilson. The Seahawks have been killed in the playoffs every year since then. It’s hard to recover from exploding locker rooms.

The Steelers have been the standard for how not to navigate a locker room for about 3 straight years starting with the Leveon Bell crisis. Tomlinson did little to alleviate that madness until it spun completely out of control as it has now. Antonio Brown is the poster child for how not to create a monster in an NFL. The Steelers created AB, and now they don’t know how to get him back under control. It’s to late… Starting now the Steelers will be in shambles for years to come.

One of the reasons you have to respect the Patriots is the very few episodes of disharmony that have been documented during their entire dynasty.

It’s my belief that most of the New England Patriots don’t like Bill Belichick because of Belichick’s brilliance towards making them all dislike him. From hall of fame Tom Brady on down to Rob Gronkowski who on many of an occasion has complained of Belichick’s treatment towards him. The Patriots all respect Belichick because of the winning, but few in the Patriots locker feels he is treated any nicer than the next Patriot, and that albeit not something I can appreciate, but  got to respect. 

With Belichick it’s do your job, and that goes for everybody. Anybody not doing that will indeed be dealt with regardless as to who he is.

Look at our very own 49ers. A lot of the disharmony that rose up strong in 2014 had a lot to do, if not most to do with Trent Baalke. Trent was hell bent on fully controlling the operation, but was just pouring gasoline on the fire in the Niners locker room. 

The rift started raging with Kaepernick’s contract. Kap left money on the table so the 49ers could keep the level of talent on the roster strong. Baalke made some moves but they weren’t the kind to help a team get to the next level. The "locker room woes" were further fueled by the fact that it was made public info if Harbaugh didn’t get the 49ers to the playoffs he would be let go. Harbaugh wanted more talents. Baalke wanted him out, and his evil scheme, and denial of Harbaugh’s wishes was working brilliantly.

Harbaugh was essentially a "lame duck" coach as soon as it was known that Baalke tried to trade him to the Cleveland Browns prior to the 2014 season. Baalke of course denied the attempted trade but everybody knew Baalke was lying.

It got so bad that media people were interviewing player personnel asking the question of how they felt about head coach Jim Harbaugh. Baalke’s master plan was as sound as could be. The locker room was in ruins split between those who favored Harbaugh and those who didn’t .

The following year all hell broke loose in the locker room due to the rift between Kaepernick and Aldon Smith over a lady named Nessa Diab… That was the explanation point that completely ended the 49ers. Aldon Smith was told to clean out his locker after losing his mind over the Nessa caper. 

Vernon Davis was sent to Denver, because he didn’t appreciate Kap’s role in Davis losing his position with the team, and on and on with the misery that the 49ers some 5 years later here in 2019 are still trying to get over.

If anybody in the front office feels that bringing in certain talents that could fuel another locker room meltdown, nobody should question it. Peace, and harmony is essential beyond measure towards the success of any winning franchise in pro sport.