Free Agent Edge Rushers Are Dwindling

Free Agent Edge Rushers Are Dwindling

Written on 03/02/2019
Ronbo Sports

It’s another year where they’re plenty of talented free agents that would fill needs for the 49ers, but days before time to deal, teams are locking up the exceptional talents before allowing them to just walk off.

It seems Trey Flowers will be following his former coach, Patriots assistant, Brian Flores to Miami as Flores takes over the head coaching vacancy left by Adam Gase who was let go by he Dolphins last season. 

The Redskins Preston Smith can be passed on. Cassius Marsh is doing a better job than he is. 

Derrick Morgan is being allowed to leave the Titans due to being of no help at all, and being 30 that is probably going to get worse as he is dealing with a healing shoulder injury as well.

The Cowboys have excused Randy Gregory for the last time as he is now serving an indefinite suspension for substance violation. I don’t even know why I mentioned him. Gregory will never beat his addiction. Its to bad too because he is talented.

The Dolphins have noticed that Cameron Wake has finally lost a step as those 37 year old legs have pretty much called it a career.

The Bucs are saying goodbye to Vinny Curry who hasn’t had a decent season since 2013 when he was with the Eagles. Curry hasn’t surpassed 3.5 sacks in any season since then. He does fine against the run, but the 49ers have the run pretty much under control. 

The Cardinals haven’t resigned Markus Golden as of yet. Golden is getting over a knee injury that sidelined him to miss 12 games in 2017. Golden tallied up 12.5 sacks in 2016. He has had a full year and some to get over the knee injury. I can’t find any details as to the severity of the injury but it’s been long enough that he could be getting back to form. The Cards may still get around to signing him before the deadline. Golden will be 28 this season.

The Broncos Shelby Harris is another good run stuffer, but the 49ers have a few guys who fit that description. Harris is another 28 year old that the Broncos see fit to let go as of this hour.

The Lions haven’t resigned DE Kerry Hyder. Hyder had a decent 2016 season. He contributed 8.5 sacks that year. He tore an ACL in 2017 and didn’t get much done in 2018, but it seemed more a problem with the Lions switching to the 3-4 defense than anything else. Kyder may be worth calling in for a look. He seems to function well in the 4-3 system.

Chris Long hasn’t been resigned by the Eagles. Long has had a long productive career, but he is 34. As a rotational player he could be of use, but the 49ers aren’t at the stage where they can add that type of role player to be taking up a roster spot just yet.

If the Rams aren’t going to sign Dante Fowler, the 49ers may have some interest in him. The knock on Fowler is that he has a tendency to be lazy, and hasn’t lived up to being the 3rd overall pick in the 2015 draft yet. Fowler is only 25, and may finally start to grow up. When that happens he could be special.

You know who it comes down to? As far as free agency is concerned the Lions Ziggy Ansah is most likely the player we will see joining the 49ers for the 2018 season, if the 49ers new defensive line coach Kris Kocurek suggest that the 49ers do pick him up. 

Ansah did well under Kocurek. Of course with Ziggy now turning 30 can he still bring it is the question especially after sustaining so many injuries that kept him out of so much playing time. When he is on the field however he is one of the leagues best.

2018 Ziggy in action