Was The 49ers Steering Clear of Antonio Brown Smart?

Was The 49ers Steering Clear of Antonio Brown Smart?

Written on 03/11/2019
Ronbo Sports

In the aftermath of a drama that started over a month ago the fantasy connection to the 49ers that started with a George Kittle tweet to Antonio Brown has come to a close. Antonio Brown will be coming to the bay area, but it will be on the other side of the Bay Bridge on the east side of the Bay area. 

It would appear that the Raiders didn’t really lose any serious assets for what they received in return. Antonio Brown is a hall of fame talent. It of course will remain a mystery as to whether the Raiders would have picked up any player equal to Brown now, or in the future with either the third round or fifth round picks. Right now the Raiders aren’t concerned with that matter. They have a premier wide receiver to add to their 2019 efforts.

It was believed that the 49ers were quietly involved in the dealings by many, but that was more the product of wishful thinking than fact as we’re now learning.

What we are being more, and more aware of about the 49ers is that they are serious about the direction they’re taking towards the development of the future 49ers, and most likely will not deviate even for the likes of Antonio Brown. 

The 49ers hesitation towards popular free agents is frustrating for a percentage of the 49ers fanbase but it’s clear the 49ers are going to trust their own judgments over that of outside pressure. 

The question in the mind of most is would Antonio Brown have made a big enough impact to warrant the kind of trade off that took place in Oakland. 

There exist the opinion that the 49ers are in desperate need of a wide receiver. 

While they may, or may not be in agreement with that sentiment is uncertain. However,  the 49ers front office has been rumored to be in pursuit of Odell Beckham jr. There is no way to confirm the rumor, but what is evident is that the 49ers have in the past been in pursuit of big name players.  Unfortunately failing on both Khalil Mack, and Amari Cooper of whom were fan faves but they aren’t batting zero in this category. Jimmie Garoppolo appears to be a successful move. Jerick McKinnon is being noted by most to be overpaid, and not worth the price tag the 49ers paid for him. Richard Sherman gets mixed reviews but only due to his age for the most part. 

It’s hard to tell but it seems the majority of the fanbase is not in favor of the initial free agent pickups the team made upon the arrival of the new regime.

What is clear is that team officials are not going to bring on players they fear won’t fit in, or positively impact the culture they’re carefully developing.

There is no way to know if Antonio Brown is going to be the reason that the Raiders climb from the depths of mediocrity, but it’s pretty obvious the 49ers didn’t think he was worth the risk. 

From where we sit as 49ers fans all we can do now is wait and watch to see exactly what impact Brown has on the Raiders offense. 

The Raiders are a much different team than where Brown came from in Pittsburg.  Derek Carr is not the talent that Ben Roethlisberger is. Brown will be in adapt mode, and we’ll see if the 49ers were right, or wrong to ignore Antonio Brown, after seeing what effect it has on him to climb down to a lower level organization.