The 49ers Continue "Brick by Brick"

The 49ers Continue "Brick by Brick"

Written on 03/13/2019
Ronbo Sports

I get the feeling that the 2018 season is carrying too much weight regarding how the 49ers are currently being judged. In fact it’s my own personal feeling that any actions taken going forward should discount just about all of the negatives that we’re yield from the 2018 season .

They’re very few teams in the NFL that would achieve at their highest potential with the starting quarterback going down in week three. You combine that tragedy with having lost the starting running back of whom much of the offensive attack was going to be based around is not an excuse. The 49ers lost both starting wide receivers. The starting slot receiver was recovering from offseason back surgery and was ineffective. The number 2 running back struggled the entire season with a damaged ankle. The result of that kind of subtraction is going to be overwhelming, and it was.

The designation of blame for the 49ers 2018 season results are unwarranted. There is no blame other than extremely bad luck in terms of the teams overall health. 

There were a number of injuries and bizarre circumstances crippling the defense that had more to do with missing personnel than it did anything else. No team in the NFL would have done any better.

The adjustments the 49ers are currently making  during this offseason will be to address the weaknesses that have carried over from the 2017 season more than the 2018 season.

During this free agency period the 49ers needed to address the edge which has been an ongoing problem since 2015. That weakness has been addressed in day two of this years free agency period with the deal that will bring Dee Ford to the 49ers today at 4PM eastern time. 

It is believed that the 49ers will continue to reinforce the pass rush in the draft as early as the first round with the number two pick.

The secondary last season only saw Richard Sherman consistently on the field of play week, after week. Several players were seen playing safety during the 2018 season. Both Adrian Colbert, and Jimmie Ward who competed for the position at the beginning of the season went down to injury. Antone Exum, and D.J. Reed also played the position.

Jaquiski Tartt who is capable of playing the over the top safety also went down with a broken arm.

It was near impossible for the shifting safeties to ever develop a chemistry and the secondary suffered due to arguably the most important position in the secondary.

The obvious recruit to fill the center field position is believed by most to be Earl Thomas. 

Yesterday a report was posted on the net that the 49ers had not reached out to the agent of Earl Thomas. Could be that the 49ers have never entertained signing Thomas. You could speculate that the 49ers may be concerned with the strong desire Thomas had to join the Dallas Cowboys, and maybe any move to join the 49ers would only be because Dallas couldn’t afford his price tag.

Finally with the exit of Pierre Garcon the 49ers are seeking to add another wide receiver. In their efforts to make a trade for Odell Beckham jr. they were beaten by an offer made by the Cleveland Browns to gain Beckham. It’s been rumored now that the 49ers had actually laid out a better offer than the Browns. It’s hard to imagine that, but details of what the 49ers offer was have not been disclosed to the public. 

Some believe the Giants weren’t going to trade Beckham to an NFC team if they could avoid it. At any rate the 49ers were involved and the effort was made. 

What is clear is that the 49ers are not going to make, or attempt to make any deals that would be defined as a quick fix, or short term deal. Every deal they’ve made so far with picking up 24 year old linebacker Kwon Alexander and 27 year old Dee Ford are moves made to last for awhile.

If that pattern of picking up young players is going to continue it could be that Earl Thomas won’t be in the 49ers plans. 

With that said the question is how will the team address the secondary including possibly adding more competition in camp for the corner position?

There is a lot to see between now and draft night as the 49ers continue to build the next generation 49ers.