49ers Defensive Face Lift Is Dramatic Change

49ers Defensive Face Lift Is Dramatic Change

Written on 03/17/2019
Ronbo Sports

In 2017 we watched a fledgling defense struggle largely due to the newness of the system, and the lack of maturity of the newly drafted players coming in with the newly acquired 49ers regime. 

The 49ers fanbase may have weathered the storm of a failure that should have been anticipated. 

Actually many did anticipate much to the chagrin of those like myself who couldn’t accept the forecast for disaster that was 2017 and 2018. 

My feeling is that "the kids" have grown up enough to now feel like they’ve had enough of being bullied, and are ready to launch a defensive. Everybody knows what the defense is about now, and there is no longer any need to put markers on the ground as to where your feet need to be prior to the snap. 

We saw a lot faster movements from the defense down the stretch of 2018 that at times was impressive. Also there were a few golden moments during games of the 2018 season that are easily remembered in positive fashion.

Deforest Buckner had his best season as a pro stats wise. Fred Warner appears to be a potential pro bowl linebacker. Arik Armstead won’t win any popularity contest but he is coming along, and coming along well.

The most intriguing thing about the growing maturity of the defense is that John Lynch may have just added the right ingredients at exactly the right time with the addition of players like defensive end  and "the coveted LEO" Dee Ford. The new 49er brings exactly the kind of raging force off the edge that the team has sorely needed since the arrival of John Lynch, and Kyle Shanahan. 

Robert Saleh’s defense may finally be running on all cylinders which is going to change the dynamic of what we’ve been watching from the team since day one of the new regime. 

Also the energy injection and high energy bludgeoning that will be coming in high volume from the other newly acquired linebacker Kwon Alexander may make those of us who haven’t fully gotten over Reuben Foster suffer no more.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching Kwon & Dee destroy an offense do enjoy a few minutes of how impolite the new 49ers hires really are…

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