The 49ers Looming Draft Night Dilemma

The 49ers Looming Draft Night Dilemma

Written on 03/20/2019
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Remember a month or so ago when it was somewhat simple as to what the 49ers options were going to be on draft night? 

Every year after the past few dim seasons, a lot of us believe we have it all figured out, especially after leaving the hospital with the result of our cat scans indicating that it’s safe to continue supporting the 49ers after the abuse suffered from September to January. This year is no different, we still think we know what we’re talking about. 

The 49ers have the number two overall pick, but they also have a defense that is operating like a machine with a missing, or broken parts. All that would seem necessary is to fix the few parts and let’s go right? Wrong… 

The number one to three pick is extremely stressful. If that high a pick results in a fail the implications could be huge. A bad pick that high in the order means miscalculations, and judgements would be in question. That is a pick that should have been scoured over, and over to make sure that there is little chance for error. 

If I had to guess I would imagine that the majority of the time the top 5 picks are usually players who come into the NFL and have an impact. An out and out bust is not really the norm.

The 2018 season was one of the best top 5 picks in awhile. Baker Mayfield, has turned the Browns completely around. Saquon Barkley is going to own the running back position for years. Quarterback Sam Darnold whom the Jets picked up with the third over all pick did show promise, and warrants a second season look before brining the jury in on him. The Browns also struck gold for a second time within the top five with Denzel Ward, the 4th pick of the draft. Bradley Chubb was as advertised at the fifth position in the draft giving the Broncos one of the best edge rushing combos in the NFL with Von Miller opposite of him.

Pick number six Quenton Nelson lived up to his expectation. All one needs to do is ask Jadaveon Clowney to get full confirmation on that.

There were no real failures in the top ten in last years draft including the 49ers man mountain right tackle Mike McGlinchey. Big Mike has future fame written all over him.

All that good news from the 2018 draft cast a shadow of anguish over the 49ers new regime’s 2017 season draft as far as the first round is concerned. At least it is currently appearing that way. 

Reuben Foster I don’t even want to talk about. 

Solomon Thomas was the number three pick in 2017, and that means he was supposed to be a stand out. Thomas hopefully may become a good football player at some point soon, but has yet to prove that his drafting at the top of the draft was worthy. I’ll continue to hold out hope for Thomas myself.

I say all of that to put perspective on the 2019 draft. The 49ers have got to hit it out of the park again this year to make up for what could be two first round fails in 2017, or risk being forever labeled  as "the late round draft kings". While that  isn’t necessarily a thing, but when you’re drafting in the top five, which hopefully isn’t often make sure to get something done with that pick.

This years offseason started off with the thinking that there is nothing more than to wait and see if the Cardinals are going to draft Kyler Murray, and leave Nick Bosa to the 49ers.

That thinking was once upon a time ago.  Now all speculations have turned into an overthinking, analyzing mess. 

It could be only in the minds of the media and fans, but that number two position is now seeming surrounded with "what ifs".

Rumors are out that if the 49ers can’t get Bosa with the second pick they’ll bail in a trade down move to gain as many picks as they can, but with who? How far will they drop? Will there be a high quality pick at the drop position? 

Within the minds of the 49ers fanbase it was Nick Bosa versus Josh Allen for weeks. Now it seems Quennin Nelson is considered to be arguably the best and safest pick in the draft? 

The real question is who best fits the 49ers defensive scheme? How about the existing personnel, and how the pick will impact the lineup? 

They’re so many questions to be answered before draft night. 

When the backdrop finally lights up with the news that "The Pick Is In" just remember to breath, breath, breath…