Pre Draft Night Anxieties

Pre Draft Night Anxieties

Written on 03/25/2019
Ronbo Sports

In reviewing what has taken place since the Super Bowl 2019 it all wraps into a package of amazing hasn’t it?

Niners fans started off the offseason hearing about a fantasy football favorite, Antonio Brown joining in alliance with hall of fame wide receiver Jerry Rice in a promotional effort to get the attention of the 49ers front office to join the team for the 2019 season. 

Those of us of who were all for the signing were in full belief that the 49ers had to be interested.  That was a deal that had to happen! 

Antonio Brown’s case never found its way to a single table in Santa Clara, and millions may even still be in mourning of that deal as we find out that Brown will play right across the bridge with the hated Oakland Raiders.

A report is now out that confirms that the 49ers were indeed involved in the Odell Beckham Jr dealings. In fact that deal was taken so seriously Jed York who was fully involved it seems, spoke on the matter, which made everything official. 

49ers fans of course again suffer trauma from a failed attempt to add a weapon that may have hit the pain meter as high as the failed Khalil Mack dealings with the Raiders.

However as some may have guessed, as I did at the time, that failed deal with the Giants is what made it possible to bring defensive end Dee Ford. Had the 49ers closed that deal with the Giants it may have changed the plans due to the funding needed to sign Beckham is my guess.

Again no matter what the circumstances the 49ers narrowly missed signing one of the premier receivers in the NFL.

In fairness it’s a tough call to say that the 49ers missed the boat on players like Earl Thomas, and C.J. Mosley. As fans we recognized those players as the best of their positions. However it just may be that they really didn’t fall into the 49ers plans for a number of reasons that we may never fully find out about. 

We can’t say the moves were avoided to save money. Paraag Marathe may be one of the best contract designers in the NFL. If the 49ers set their sights on a player and he agrees to join them, we usually end up complaining about the player being overpaid. 49ers fans rarely take a look at how Marathe set up the new player’s contract before crying foul, but none of the contracts leaving the Santa Clara front office is going to hurt the 49ers long term.

The current argument amongst 49ers fans now in in regards to that first round pick that the 49ers refused to give up for Beckham Jr. Who is it that the pick will be used on? Will it give 49ers fans a reason to smile after so much disappointment with the barely missed mega deals.

One thing that you can believe is that the 49ers seem to be getting better since their first year regarding the draft. In this year three of this regime I’m expecting John Lynch and his merry men this year to be very impressive.