Quality Draft VS Quantity Picks

Quality Draft VS Quantity Picks

Written on 03/29/2019
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The days draw near as we head towards April fools day. Analyst and experts on the dailies are suggesting the 49ers not develop any crushes or infatuations with other players in this draft not named Bosa should they have the chance to land him. 

One name seems to be entering the conversation at a higher rate than any of the rest, and that is Quinnen Williams. 

There is no doubt about Williams prowess as a football player. He has all the tools necessary to star in the NFL. 

One thing that cannot be ignored or overlooked is the fact the Williams has built his reputation as a 3 technique and has been called the best in the country of this years crop of rookies.

Deforest Buckner has owned the B-gap unanimously since his arrival. Saleh is most likely not about to move D-Buck for anybody including Williams.

It’s one thing for Williams to be moved all over the line, and that may actually be possible for him. The fear would be the fact that the NFL usually doesn’t tolerate such luxury, and it would be a gamble to play Williams at the Nose tackle. A Failure with such and experiment would mean having passed on Bosa where the strongest need existed. The 49ers have one pass rusher that can be depended upon, and that is the newly acquired Dee Ford.

Ideally the 49ers don’t want to be in a position where there is no depth behind Ford should a disaster occur. 

If the the team loses their top pass rusher with no backup that would indicate poor planning. 

Could Williams come off of the edge if need be at the next level? Again a risk to large to take would be the most rational answer when an inside presence is not of the highest urgency with the 49ers who already have an abundance inside.

If the 49ers didn’t have Deforest Buckner it would indeed be Williams or Ed Oliver at the top of the list in the Draft war room.

What a lot of us are hoping is that the 49ers lean on the alleged leak that they themselves may have planted, and allow popular thinking to be that the huge  love of late is all about Williams. It’s good to keep the other teams guessing. 

Meanwhile the 49ers will have double barreled toughness from the edges from players that have long established the edge as their domain. 

The trade down talks that are currently rolling around involve mainly the Raiders and Giants, which is pure folly.

The Raiders have made clear that anything that would improve the 49ers chances going forward they will not be a part of in any way. It’s fantasy to believe the Raiders would give the 49ers two first round picks to move up 2 places in the draft order. That is the team that within the last several months has snubbed the 49ers twice on blue chip players. That is not a trend that is going to stop in April. If the 49ers were to trust the 49ers again this season it would be shame on them, not the Raiders.

The Giants just put Obj out of the 49ers reach during a deal that took place a few weeks ago, Now they would be willing to trade with the 49ers for the second overall pick?

The 49ers would ask for the farm as they did for Beckham jr, and maybe even ask for Saquon.

The Giants are picking sixth and have their choice most likely of either Dwayne Haskins, Daniel Jones, or Drew Luck. They have made it clear that Murray does not fit their taste. In fact the Giants are one of the teams mentioned in a trade to attain Rosen from the Cardinals. That deal will wait until draft night due to the Cards making sure that Murray isn’t going to bail suddenly for MLB. 

Besides, the Giants no there is no need to call the 49ers after a botched deal after just a weeks.

It is believed by many that their is no falloff in quality by trading down to gain players like Montez Sweat in place of Bosa. Experts say there is Bosa, and Williams, and after that there is a substantial drop in the level of talent. 

The 49ers FO is a bunch of football guys. If anybody can recognize the real deal in this comparison I gotta trust that group to make the call.

This year it has to be the highest quality picks in round one through six. It’s time for the 49ers to pick up at least four out of the six picks with the top game changers available. The top picks are in the positions they're in for a reason.

What is “Bosafied”?