Does Kris Koucurek’s "Wide 9 Defensive Formation" Dismiss Bosa?

Does Kris Koucurek’s "Wide 9 Defensive Formation" Dismiss Bosa?

Written on 04/07/2019
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The anti-Nick Bosa movement is picking up momentum with every argument that can be found to under mind Bosa’s talent.

The number one issue of course is Bosa’s availability, which granted is a legitimate concern. Bosa took most of the 2018 season off from the Ohio state team after sustaining an injury in the first third of the season. 

Bosa dropped out of the football program to rehab a core injury. That action caused football fans to draw conclusions about Bosa’s business decision, and question if monetary gains are the most motivating force behind his pursuit of the game? All kinds of negative response came from Bosa’s 2018 exit from the game.

It is also believed that Bosa’s number one consensus pick ranking in the 2019 draft is inaccurate. That rating by a large contingent of fans is looked upon as hype, and unwarranted due to the year ending numbers between the shortened season of Bosa and the rest of the defensive ends in the 2019 draft class.

All are rational arguments, but NFL GM’s are taking it seriously it seems. The popular opinion of Quinnen Williams momentum, and moving closer to Bosa’s status with some believing that Williams is the top defensive prospect in the 2019 draft. The Williams comparison seems to be where any further matchings end however. 

The latest anti-Bosa argument has created another narrative due to Kris Kocurek’s intentions to add the "wide 9 formation" as an option to the 49ers packages. There is the belief that since the setup calls for a pure pass rusher to line up a bit outside of the tight end, and is ideal for players like Dee Ford, due to the  design, and desired effect of the action to allow the pass rusher to utilize his speed. That’s where the misconception is coming from.  The play design is not just about speed. The advantage is that the pass rusher is in more of an isolation with an offensive lineman to maneuver in more space in more of a one on one situation which puts heavy stress on the usually larger offensive lineman.

I think some of the confusion stems from the thought that Nick Bosa doesn’t possess the speed that some of the other pass rushers in comparison do. That isn’t completely true. In a 40 yard race its true Bosa would not beat a few of this year’s defensive end group. The fact is however few of Bosa’s competitors can keep up with him as far as short area quickness is concerned. 

Take a look at a well explained demo of the wide 9 defense below. Nick Bosa won’t be at any disadvantage in the formation. The offensive lineman that comes out to engage him however is in serious trouble.  If Nick Bosa does become a member of the 49ers he may in fact love this scheme.

Understanding the Wide 9 Defense