Raiders Could Strategy To Land Nick Bosa

Raiders Could Strategy To Land Nick Bosa

Written on 04/10/2019
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One of the finest art forms in pro sport is lying, and plotting against other GM’s. When you look at what Bill Belichick has accomplished down through the years by utilizing the art of deception to remain a dynasty for over a decade, no matter what team you support you have to be fascinated.

In fact it could very well be Belichick that ends up with Nick Bosa! He won’t though because he is rumored to be at least mildly interested in the Cards Josh Rosen. 

One of the rumors circulating about is, that Gruden who was apparently caught sobbing for days after the Raiders sent Khalil Mack to the Bears is now enamored with the Nick Bosa. 

Now that Mike Mayock has joined forces with Jon Gruden, one has to wonder when they’re sitting around plotting like every GM & coaching staff is doing right now in the NFL,  is attempting to snatch Bosa from a 49ers group that is hunkered down in a foxhole 42.8 miles away in Santa Clara engineering their own plans of attack on the 2019 draft. Why do you think they call those rooms that  are under as much security as the Pentagon "War Rooms"?

One scenario I can envision is the 49ers being possible made insecure about Bosa being available with the second overall pick this year is that it just all seems too easy. 

We’re talking about a team that has suffered for years without a premier edge rusher. Now all of a sudden it’s raining edge rushing stars? None of what appears to be unrealistically convenient here can be taken for granted. 

If the Cards do convince the 49ers that they aren’t going to take Kyler Murray with the first overall pick, or if Murray should decide days, hours, or minutes before the draft that he is going to take the Oakland Athletics up on their MLB offer, all bets are off in Arizona. 

The threat of Murray suddenly bailing back to baseball by the way is one of the reasons Rosen is still in Arizona. The Cards cannot jump on any deals involving Rosen until it is for sure they have their man.

If Murray does get cold feet for football suddenly, Bosa will most likely go to Arizona unless they want to address some of their other serious position needs. 

Should Murray be taken out of the picture, that would cause a ripple effect that would roll down a long way on the first round order. 

The chances of Murray suddenly abandoning his commitment to the NFL are slim however is my guess, and Murray will stay with football.

If however the 49ers are tempted by the efforts of the Cardinals to fool the team,  The 49ers may consider what amounts to nothing more than a simple one position trade up. Both teams can trust the other on such a deal. The Cardinals can believe the 49ers are certainly not interested in Murray. He would be awaiting their time on the clock with the 2nd overall pick. The 49ers could offer another round pick depending upon what would appease the Cards, and it’s a done deal with both teams being satisfied, and living happily ever after.

Meanwhile over in Oakland…The sinister plot that could be cooking up in Oakland could be one of the most diabolical of all football time.

What if Mike Mayock called Arizona up, and asked to speak to Cardinals GM Steve Keim? Here is one possible scenario.

The Raiders offer their no.24 pick, along with trading places in the 1st round of the draft. Oakland also offers another lower round pick to close the deal in order to pick up Nick Bosa? 

The Raiders then somehow convince the Cards that they are not interested in Murray and that they just want Nick. 

Now look at the draft oder. The 49ers aren’t interested in Murray, and for sure everybody knows if Bosa is taken by the Raiders because of this plot, the 49ers will go after the next best defender which is either Quinnen Williams or Josh allen as far as their needs are concerned. 

The Jets have Sam Darnold why would they be interested in Murray? They need a player to fill the void Anthony Barr left after bolting on the team from a month ago to return to Minnesota. They’re going edge, or otherwise but a QB is just a waste of pick for them. 

What happens next is what inspires movie making. Kyler Murray falls right into the laps of the awaiting Cardinals.

If I’ve thought of this, the Raiders did a long time ago. Don’t underestimate the Raiders need to replace Khalil Mack. I think Gruden may be capable of anything. He’s an old NFL gunfighter who knows what to do in these type of situations.

The 49ers are most likely on high alert as well for such a move by the Raiders.

If the 49ers smell that rat, and if it’s true they do like Bosa that much they may make a counter move such as I’ve outlined.  if there is one thing we can conclude about the the present Niners front office, it is if they really do want a player they will go all out to get him. If at least most of what we’ve heard about Lynch pursuing players is true we can conclude that trading up or in this case trading places with the Cards is a deal the Cards can trust a lot more than that Raider offer I just detailed.