As Draft Night Moves Closer Nothing Seems Obvious

As Draft Night Moves Closer Nothing Seems Obvious

Written on 04/16/2019
Ronbo Sports

Have you now noticed that all the lines seem blurred compared to visions that were crystal clear very recently? Two weeks ago Kyler Murray was going to be a Cardinal. There was little doubt about it. The Cards were going to wait until draft night to seal the deal due to a possibility of Murray changing his mind about football. Also it’s just bad business to move to quickly towards getting rid of your current QB. "A bird in the hand equals 2 in the bush" is still applicable here in the 21st century.

The 49ers in turn were going to take the no.1 consensus pick that doesn’t carry a business card claiming that he is a quarterback, Nick Bosa, and most were going to live happily ever after. We can forget about that fairy tale ending. A few things have changed, and The Cardinals are finally starting to sound a bit as if they aren’t being honest about their intentions with Murray.

The Jets for sure were going to pick up Josh Allen to fill the void left by the fickle Anthony Barr who went all the way to New York, signed papers, did a few broadway shows, ate some of New York’s world class pizza, got homesick for the Vikings and went crying back to Mike Zimmer for his job back.

The Raiders meanwhile are up to something, and honestly they’ve done some amazing signings during this offseason. I don’t know about the Antonio Brown signing but their heads were in the right place. There is no way to know what is next with that drama or if AB will even let it end or not.

We can conclude that either Bosa or even Murray is so on the Raider radar. They have the ammunition due to some questionable deals that seemed absolutely stupid when they occurred, but now those transactions are money glowing in the bank as draft capitol.

The Bucs should be a little easier to figure out.  

You can assume the choice TB should want to make is to replace the 49ers latest free agent edition Kwon Alexander. Kwon surrendered his "Bern's Steak House" VIP card located in beautiful downtown Tampa Bay, and is here on the west coast with the 49ers. In an attempt to replace Alexander, the Bucs should be leaning towards Devin White.

How about those New York Giants? You can smell the mess their making all the way over in Texas, and it’s not a pleasant oder either. 

The Giants swear that it’s not a restoration project that is smelling things up though.  

Giants owner John Mara, and GM Dave Gettleman who has to be on prescriptions since the middle of 2017 refuse to admit they’re in a rebuild. 

Gettleman is lying so hard about Eli Manning being able to continue that he has for sure fooled me. Are the Giants going to pick up Haskins or Drew Lock or not? Seriously, even non Giants fans wish the team would stop it with Eli Manning.

We may find out the Russell Wilson who gave the Seahawks today April 15 a deadline to present his agent with a deal is believed to want to take his lovely wife Ciara to New York where she too can flourish in her own career. Seattle just isn’t a place where an entertainer can get anything done unless its an actor pretending to be an official for a Seahawks game.

You see, that’s four of the first six teams in the draft, that if you bet a quarter on what they’re going to do, you better not be in jail with one phone call to make with that being your last quarter.

The even bigger question is if have any of the teams that want Nick Bosa been swayed by the recent ruckus of Nick’s political leanings?

Political affiliations nowadays are more polarizing than pretty much anything else. 

That’s all I’ll say about that, or I’ll be adding to a fire that has flames leaping over the height of the TransAmerica building.

Can I just say this though? Didn’t Joe Mixon knock a young lady completely out at an eating establishment while attending The University of Oklahoma? He is now the star running back for the Cincinnati Bengals. 

We recently watched footage of Kareem Hunt putting the boot to a young lady while she was on the ground. Hunt since then has been forgiven and signed with the Cleveland Browns. 

Moving on towards that special date of April 25 one thing that is crystal clear right now is that we have no idea, clue, lead, or even a path to follow to figure out what in thee hell the 49ers are cook’n right now regarding the 2019 draft.