Mitch Wishnowsky Is A Brilliant Pick

Mitch Wishnowsky Is A Brilliant Pick

Written on 04/29/2019
Ronbo Sports


The initial shock of Mitch Wishnowsky being picked up by the 49ers with the 110th pick via a trade with the Cincinnati Bengals is starting to simmer down a bit within the last 24hours.

The word punter associated with the 4th round pick first sent terror throughout the 49ers community, that was followed immediately by disbelief, which was soon followed by anger and outrage. There is no way drafting a punter in the 4th round is acceptable. 

By the way that is a fact that still remains true. However, Mitch Wishnowsky by job description is just a punter. 

Mitch Wishnowsky is a well decorated US collegiate kicker from Australia that attended The University of Utah. That institution most likely will never see another punter with Wishnowsky’s skill set again. 

Before Mitch left the university of Utah he won the Ray Guy award in 2016, and was a unanimous all American in that same year. He was a sophomore back in that glorious year. His stats include a 45.7 average. That is a yard plus more than ex-49ers punter Bradley Pinion who was only able to achieve a 44yard average in that same season of 2016 with the Niners. 

Wishnowsky was ranked as the 2nd best punter in this draft behind Jake Bailey of Stanford who had to wait until head coach Bill Belichick of whom traded up two places to the fifth position in round four to pick the Stanford kicker up. 

Rumor has it the that the 49ers got wind of Belichick planning on taking Wishnowsky with that trade up, not Bailey.

The 49ers actually thwarted the Belichick plan to grab the talented kicker.

There is another connecting story involved with Wishnowsky and the 49ers. It seems that the late 49ers area scout Reggie Cobb had asked that the 49ers pick Mitch Wishnowsky in this years draft. Between that promise, and Wishnowsky’s talent it is a glorious move.

I’ve been all over social media backing up the 49ers decision to pick Wishnowsky in the 4th round.

In fact I received a tweet that explains why Wishnowsky could start a new trend in the NFL that could become a new standard for punters in the NFL that could change the game as we know it.

Justin Lane tweeted: 
“@ronbo thanks for putting defense up for Mitch Wishnowsky who is from my hometown Perth. I’ve got to correct you on using term Australia Rules Rugby. There is no such thing. Mitch played Australian Rules Football which is free flowing form of pigskin football where you have to get ball down field by either kicking on the run it to teammates who mark it (catch it), hand punch it to teammate or bounce it on the run. Points are scored by kicking it through upright posts. A hell of a lot of kicking and running involved which explains his background. Look up AFL and you can see what I’m talking about. Goooo Niners!!!!”

I’ll stop here and suggest you watch why Mitch Wishnowsky is no everyday kicker. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s pretty clear here as to why Mitch Wishnowsky is going to have an impact on the 49ers game this season.