It’s Official: The 49ers 2019 Defensive Line Is Overstocked

It’s Official: The 49ers 2019 Defensive Line Is Overstocked

Written on 05/09/2019
Ronbo Sports


If you’ve given any thought to how many talented defensive lineman the 49ers are currently carrying  on that 90 man roster it’s pretty amazing when you consider how many of them really are talented. They aren’t all necessarily outstanding, but there are some that absolutely aren’t going to get beaten out either. 

Dee Ford is most likely a three down player. Deforest Buckner is also likely going to be on the field the majority of contest. Next to D-Buck will be an interesting matchup. 
The question is, who gets the most snaps as DeBucks neighbor? 

You figure on base downs, D.J. Jones should he emerge from the competition is the best for absorbing the raging charge of the O-Line on run downs.  

Arik Armstead from is resume is a 5 technique. I anticipate Armstead making the team ahead of Solomon Thomas on the depth chart which would mean he’ll be at the big end on base downs. 

I figure Armstead will give way to Nick Bosa on passing downs for possibly half the season from the big end this year. However if Bosa comes in and goes buck wild Saleh may change such a plan in a hurry.

Robert Saleh’s philosophy however is to keep fresh, blood thirsty assassins coming at opposing offenses all day.

In the wide 9 formation it’s going to be especially interesting to see who kris Kocurek and Robert Saleh are going to believe in the most. Speed will be the determining factor in that formation.

We have yet to see what last years fourth round pick Kentavious Street is capable of. 

I picked up a rumor yesterday that Ronald Blair may be on the sacrificial list. Can you imagine that? If a team is looking for serviceable rotation player is Blair not him? What may come into play with Blair is the fact that this is his contract year. For that reason that rumor has to be science fiction. The 49ers should be interested is seeing just how well he will do. In his limited amount of snaps down through the years Blair has been solid.

What about Sheldon Day? Day, and Jones can handle the nose tackle all game long and handle it very well. You talk about not taking the pedal off the medal. Those two are already on my list of the top candidates Could that be the plan?

When you think about the amount of personnel the team has, and who may have to go it makes you believe the story circulating before the draft that Solomon may have been on the trade market. However remember that year when Vance McDonald was being shopped just before the draft? The 49ers told him so after the draft and proceeded to do just that by sending him to the Steelers shortly thereafter. As of this hour no one has informed Solomon Thomas of such front office ambitions.

Jamell Garcia-Williams at 6’8 I imagine is an aspiring edge rusher. He weighs in at 255. We’ll see I guess. 

Kapron Lewis-Moore from Notre Dame has 4 years of pro experience, but I always question that type of situation and ask after 4 years why would he be on a training camp "meat squad"? At 6’4 and 315 the 49ers have to take a look though. 

Damontre Moore 6’4 260 has been around the league for 5 years. As I go through these names I just wonder if all of a sudden after so many years these players are serviceable. John Lynch would most likely say that they wouldn’t bring in anybody if they didn’t have any potential. 

Remember 6’5 280 Jullian Taylor from Temple University that most of us were impressed with last season during his rookie year? Is he going to make it through this period

Where are all these guys going to play? How many are going to be in the rotation? 

Finally, there is 30 year old Cedric Thornton of whom has 7 years of experience. 

By far the defensive line group has to be one of the biggest rooms in the clubhouse next to the wide receivers room.

Have you picked out your rotation yet? Who is going to be retained?

I’ll revisit this subject in early August after we all get a closer look. Kris Kocurek is an insane coach and some guys may not be able to endure him, so then there is that! I’m serious Kocurek demands results! He’ll drive a player either to excellence, off the team, or to start drinking. I love that coach, and is record speaks for itself.