The Underrated Series: Arik Armstead

The Underrated Series: Arik Armstead

Written on 06/03/2019
Ronbo Sports

Since Ronbo Sports has unintentionally become the defender of the most criticized players on the 49ers roster, I’ve decided to embrace the role the site has been designated, and built the current reputation on. 

I’m convinced my insights are very likely to be true on every player I continue to believe in. In this first installment of this 2091 offseason, I want to talk about Arik Armstead who has been the subject of a huge percentage of the critics. 

What I question is the fact that Armstead isn’t a bad football player by any stretch of the imagination. What he’s been is a source of frustration for those who don’t separate a player going down to injury versus his prowess as a player.

If you were to ask fans where they thought Arik Armstead ranked amongst the teams defensive lineman last season, I believe most would say dead last in every statistical category. 

Arik Armstead was the second most productive D-lineman on the 49ers roster. 

Armstead finally played through 16 games for only the second time in his 4 year career. The first being his rookie season, and 2018 of which within the 16 games he played he accumulated ( 33 tackles) (15 solo) totaling (48 tackles) (3 sacks) That stat line was second only to Deforest Buckner.

If Arik Armstead can manage to continue to stay on the field in back to back seasons to include this upcoming 2019 season we should see further growth. 

My thinking is that the reason Armstead looked solid last season was due to growth equal to that of a second year player due to him missing 2 seasons back to back. He could actually have a breakout type season this year if he can stay on the field.

I do understand the frustration of fans who have lost faith in players with similar availability problems as Armstead has had, however the dilemma is in the fact that if the player in question is talented it complicates the matter if it leads to making a choice of keeping him, or releasing him on the grounds of him being injured. 

The 49ers picked up Armstead’s option for the season, and we can look for him to have a focused hard core effort this season. Players usually do play their best ball on contract years. Armstead will most likely be no different.

Armstead attended "Von Miller’s pass rush summit" this past weekend, which would indicate he continues to be motivated. 

With the 49ers front line fully stocked now, I see Armstead who is at this hour rated just ahead of Solomon Thomas on the depth chart to do some serious damage.

Could we see a full breakout season from Arik Armstead this season? That answer better not be contemplated just yet.

Armstead is a solid player, and I’m glad he is still in the red & gold…

Armstead defined…