The Underrated Series: Jimmie Ward

The Underrated Series: Jimmie Ward

Written on 06/17/2019
Ronbo Sports

I’ve been as frustrated with Jimmie Ward not being on the field as everyone else. However my frustration stems from the fact that nobody on the roster could on the past 49ers rosters cover for J-dub, or bring the same game. There have been seasons when he was actually the best defender on the field. When Jimmie Ward was off the field it was clear that the secondary defense was always missing an important playmaker.

Ward has to be listed as one of the best tackle technicians on the roster. 

According to records, Ward has been one of the best tackling cornerbacks in the NFL since entering the league in 2014. That can’t be ignored, especially in light of the fact that it’s not his strongest position.

Among cornerbacks with at least 75 tackles since 2014, Ward’s 25.0 tackling efficiency ranks second only to Jason McCourty. 

The claim that Jimmie Ward is an incapable player falls short of accurate.

Ward has been assigned to cover as a slot defender as well. 

The fact of the matter is Ward may be injury prone but he is also capable of playing every position on the field. He is meanwhile still considered "a natural safety" which is where he will transition back to in the 2019  season. 

We’ll see if he doesn’t change the thinking about his prowess as a football player beyond that of just a player having spent an inordinate amount of time on the injured reserve list.

Jimmie is believed to be ready to return for the 49ers training camp in July. He will have missed some important, and valuable time which was needed to acclimate himself back to the safety position. We’ll see how that turns out. 

Meanwhile "The J-DUB BUNCH club" continues to support safety Jimmie Ward…

A born safety…