The Underrated Series: Joshua Garnett

The Underrated Series: Joshua Garnett

Written on 06/24/2019
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One of the the matters that I can’t wait to see unfold is whether any of the players that have been maligned with unfavorable criticism though out their time with the 49ers and somehow survived the cut list every season since the disasters began, work out this season. 

This year, will no doubt be the final chance for a number of players who’ve prompted a sizable volume of patience from the 49ers front office to produce. 

49ers fans have been pleading for trades, or releases for the players in question for a long time. The interesting development that has come about since the few players on the roster that have been constantly under scrutiny, in some cases now have younger players that are in position to relieve them of duty. 

All the players walking on thin ice realize the since of urgency in 2019 regarding their futures. That pressure could be enough to bring out the best in all of the 49ers questionable players.

One of the players who has reached the end of the line to produce is Joshua Garnett. The 49ers traded up into the first round and invested that pick in Garnett during the final season of the Trent Baalke regime in 2016.

Everybody is aware of the sad situation involving Garnett. However of the few appearances that Garnett has made especially recently have been eye opening. 
Joshua Garnett trimmed down last season in preparation for the 2018 season. He sustained injuries during the course of the season that kept him out of action for most of the season. 

Mike Person has taken the position, and it’s his to lose in the upcoming weeks. Garnett will most likely be the only player to challenge at right guard.

The 49ers made public that the organization would not be picking up Garnett’s option at seasons end, but they said the same thing last season about Laken Tomlinson. Before the 2018 season started Tomlinson was signed to a multi year contract.

It’s hard to say that threatening not to pick up Garnett’s contract is going to set a fire under him, but the aspect of having to enter free agency has to be getting his attention.

I said during last season during his various cameo appearances that Garnett was impressive. I still believe that he can play right guard at a higher level than Mike Person.

Person’s toughness however may be enough to Keep Garnett out of the lineup unless he comes out this season during camp, and clearly demonstrates that he is the better talent. 

There are several camp battles coming up next month. Could Garnett versus Person be one of them?

I seem to always gravitate towards the underdog, and I’ll make no exception regarding Joshua Garnett for 2019, I believe this is his year to finally realize his potential. 

Will the real Joshua Garnett please stand up?