The Biggest Difficulty On The 49ers 2019 Schedule Is The Travel

The Biggest Difficulty On The 49ers 2019 Schedule Is The Travel

Written on 06/27/2019
Ronbo Sports

As I glance down through the 49ers schedule the most difficult thing beyond the divisional games which can never be taken too lightly due to the familiarity within the division, which makes every team know each other to well, and takes away from any  elements of surprise.

The 49ers start the season on the South east, but fortunately it’s not one of the toughest teams in the area. If you keep in mind that new head coach Bruce Arians and his Tampa Bay Bucs may not have the program fully installed, and rolling along crisp, and lethal to start game one of the season.

The Niners, with a bone crushing defense in tow to mangle up, and discourage players still learning Arian’s class of "vertical football" could find themselves playing right into the teeth of the 49ers strengths. Going downfield on this 49ers team this year could be suicide. Most QB’s will have about 2.5 seconds to get rid of the ball on passing downs or put themselves in a very dangerous situation.

Next, the Bengals are also a team in transition, with their recent separation from former head coach Marvin Lewis to current coach, and former Rams quarterback coach Zack Taylor. I can’t imagine the Bengals team  flying out of the gate hot. I don’t  expect much from them in week two. The Bengals are another team I see as one of the teams the 49ers will overwhelm on both sides of the ball.

In fact, the 49ers will start the season with the two of the easiest road games of their 2019 schedule.

They come home for a couple of sizzlers to face the Steelers of whom have the hall of fame QB Ben Roethlisberger still active, but minus Antonio Brown. Never mind that fact however. The Steelers are going to be tough as long as Big Ben is playing. My question with them is can they stop the 49ers offense? This year that is going to be a major factor for Niners opponents   Teams that can deal with Kyle Shanahan’s play calling will have at least a chance. The 49ers will indeed be in most games due to their defense, provided they can stay healthy enough. 

After the by week, and prime time game vs the Browns. 

Week five puts the Niners back on the road again to visit the Rams.

Watch the Rams in the first 4 weeks of the season. Many believe the Rams will be unscathed by the bludgeoning their roster just took as far as some top players making their exit. The fact that the Rams have lost some potency roster wise, and can also be expected to suffer some hangover from an awful Super Bowl showing has me convinced the Rams will not be as resilient as they have been since Sean Mcvay arrived.

I just don’t see the Rams terrorizing the 49ers this season as they have been. This could be another road win for the 49ers that few including, and especially Vegas of which is definitely going to make the Rams the favorite.

A California road contest shouldn’t have any effect on the 49ers performance. 49ers fans can expect a solid showing in this game with plenty of support in the Rams stands to push the 49ers. 

There will be no need to unpack their toothbrush following the week 6 contest. They’ll need to just pack another change of socks and undies. It’s on back to the east to take on the Redskins. Again however another team in transition. The 49ers won’t have any business losing to the Skins. 

One of the main reasons I see the 49ers doing well this season is that three of the first four road games are rolling into cities with teams that are not going to be ready for this particular 49ers team simply due to the fact that it’s going to be tough to for teams installing new offenses and breaking in new personnel to score on a 49ers defensive unit

that includes an offense now that Shanahan can pretty much open up a lot of his playbook with unlike any other season he’s had with the 49ers. 

The insane thing is they can actually afford some injuries in certain position groups this season, and remain tough.

The travel schedule is brutal nonetheless. The team returns home for a week with Cam Newton, and the amazing Christian McCaffrey.

After the week 8 contest it’s back onto the plane immediately to head to Arizona, to play the Cardinals. I do have my concerns about this game, and do see it being at least challenging due to the newness of what the Cardinals will be doing with the no.1 overall  draft pick, Kyler Murray. Larry Fitzgerald did not retire…

Fitzgerald is like Lex Luthor going up against Superman Jimmy G and his "JUSTICE LEAGUE" I’m not going to say anything else about this game, other than I won’t be comfortable until it’s come, and gone.

The travel schedule finally lightens up but not until after the Cards game and it’s already week 10.

The 49ers will host  their longest home stand of the 2019 season with 3 home games in a row against the Seahawks, Cards, and Green Bay.

In week 13 it’s back to singing Willie Nelson’s classic hit "On the road again" with stops back to back in Baltimore, and New Orleans. Both games will be true test as to just how good the 49ers are, or are not.

The what could be weary 49ers return home for two contest against the Falcons, and Rams.

At this point in the season we will know exactly what we have with the young 49ers. Atlanta, and Los Angeles are perfect obstacles for the 49ers. If the young team is expected to land a playoff birth these two final home games will provide the perfect obstacles.

The real test will be to end the season. It’s as if the schedulers intentionally put the 49ers in a situation that recent history indicates promises they will fail. 

The final game against the Hawks in Seattle better not be for the division. That would put the 49ers up against one of their worst demons of the decade. 

The 49ers will have to be a good road team this year. It could be a great character builder. The road schedule starts off with a certain ease but becomes a real test as the season ends. 

This is going to be one exciting Fall and Winter…