Jun 29 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Jun 29 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Written on 06/30/2019
Ronbo Sports

Instructions on how to join the gathering: (Please read the instructions before join the show)

Audio only Callers : 650-524-5296

International Access:

PIN: 49290

Video Callers : (ZOOM Cloud Meetings app required)

Starting at Jun. 29, 6:00 PM PDT
The eyes of 49ers fans are opened pretty wide right now. Expectations by most are pretty high. Sure, the critics are coming up with reasons for doom but this season that will be way more difficult than it has been. What are your expectations? Faith in Jimmy Garoppolo seems to have diminished a degree. Only by the eyes of those who can evaluate pure talent is Jimmy G seen as a potential star nowadays. Has Garoppolo earned the recent criticism? He’s not the first talented NFL quarterback to get injured, so what is it? Lack of games played? Has his big payday added to the prove it conversations?

Please note: you must have the YouTube app downloaded onto your phone for live chat.