Jul 5 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Jul 5 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Written on 07/06/2019
Ronbo Sports

Instructions on how to join the gathering: (Please read the instructions before join the show)

Audio only Callers : 650-524-5296

International Access:

PIN: 61002

Video Callers : (ZOOM Cloud Meetings app required)

Starting at Jul. 5, 6:45 PM PDT
The 49ers are exactly 3 Friday’s away from opening camp for the 2019 season!! Are they ready as far as the personnel is concerned? Is the rebuild looking solid, or is there still a long way to go? The 49ers have had a few fails, but do they outnumber the success stories thus far? We’ll be evaluating the 2019 49ers through your assessments tonight. The Niners are running out of time with Robbie Gould as far as the July 15 deadline to sign a long term deal is concerned. Has the time come for the 49ers to trade Gould to the Bears or whomever would make an offer? What are you thinking on this frightening matter?

Please note: you must have the YouTube app downloaded onto your phone for live chat.