From "These 49ers" Stars Will Be Born

From "These 49ers" Stars Will Be Born

Written on 07/09/2019
Ronbo Sports

One of the epic opportunities of viewing the 2019 49ers is the fact that it seems the roles have been cast for an upcoming drama, and we’re at that part of the season where it can be compared to watching the prevues of an upcoming movie that you’ve heard about, and are dying to see.

Leading man Jimmy Garoppolo, like just about all of the skilled players on the offensive side have already amassed stats that guarantee they can play their parts. 

George Kittle has set a new standard for tight ends, and how you’re supposed to add up "the YAC" (yards after catch) if you’re going to call yourself a tight end. 

I think head coach Kyle Shanahan should try running Kittle from behind the line of scrimmage on goal line stands a time or two. Kittle averaged 6.3 yards after the catch. Sure I know there is a difference between "yards after contact" and "yards after the catch" but If it’s only 5 yards out you can bet on Kittle to add six. Watch film on Kittle running the ball. See how many have suffered trying to drag Kittle down during one of his now famous thundering runs.

I’m joking of course, but at some point my real concern is that playing tight end may become too easy for Kittle, and he could wind up getting bored.

Did Matt Breida surprise you last season? My question on Breida is was he running on the mind set of “I can’t let my team down, I’m all they’ve got?” He played like a man that planned on carrying the load for his team. Mckinnon was out, and Breida was stepping up…

After Jerick Mckinnon went down, coach Shanahan had to have went into his office that evening, closed the door, locked it, and after making sure the room wasn’t bugged must have cried his eyes out for hours. The 49ers were pumped and ready to roll last season with all the offensive plans he had surrounding the play of Mckinnon. 

Breida meanwhile was outstanding, and even after getting hurt he was stellar. 

By now you already know about Dante Pettis in his rookie year of 2018 achieving the highest passer rating when targeted since Vernon Davis in 2013 right? With a minimum of 30 targets being the measure Davis chalked up a (127.5 rating) Pettis fell just short of Davis’s rating by recording a 125.7.

While I’m just gloating over passer rating talent, even fullback Kyle Juszczyk is lived up to his given nick name of the "OW" or offensive weapon by rolling up a 108.9 ranking in 2017.

Before Trent Taylor hurt his back, remember when he was dubbed the best slant running receiver in the NFL?

The nucleus for the 49ers offense is pretty much in place. It’s also a young enough nucleus that provided the 49ers can hold on to the funding necessary to keep a selected few of the most talented of the core group, the team for sure has something to look forward to regarding a sustained future of success.

Finally the defense will add to that act unlike they have in years. 

The front line defense alone should bring a sparkling smile across the face of most 49ers fans. Ford, Buckner, & Bosa alone deserve their own club of destruction name to remind you of the "The Sons of Anarchy".

This is that season as a 49ers fan you need not hope the defense can get the job done, because OC’s around the league are already aware of the impact that line is going to have on whatever they would like to do vs the 49ers.

It’s going to be an interesting 49ers season, no doubt about it. 

Nobody, and I mean anybody can say the 49ers have no talent anymore.