Jimmy Garoppolo's Rocky Road To Recovery

Jimmy Garoppolo's Rocky Road To Recovery

Written on 08/01/2019
Ronbo Sports

After the first four training days since the 49ers have returned to work, we’ve witnessed a roller coaster of excitement. One day the defense is steamrolling the offense, and the next day the offense is ripping through an extremely potent defense.

Jimmy Garoppolo of course has been under the microscope daily. The judgments have resulted in a couple of great days, and a couple of not so great days.

Of course the pessimist will see the not so great workouts as falling right in line with what they’re predicting for Jimmy G in the days ahead.

Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, those who are optimistic are embracing the better two days of the four Garoppolo workouts. 

I’m one of the extreme optimist, but I’ve come to the realization that overreacting either way right now is setting oneself up for disappointment regarding Jimmy G. 

Also making judgments based on the good workouts vs the bad workouts is most likely jumping to the wrong conclusion.

The fact that the defense of most teams opens up every year during the opening days of camp feeding on the offense like piranha is nothing new.

Jimmy Garoppolo has been off from football close to a year, and has a right to be a little less sharper than he is capable of right now. 

In fact that Garoppolo has battled a brutal defense and was able to beat the D a couple of times out of 4 outings is impressive. 

Kyle Shanahan’s offense is by nobody’s standards "easy". If the offense isn’t flawless in this first week there is no reason to be alarmed.

Jimmy G is alive, and well, and will indeed be back to "Jimmy G football" in just a minute…