Aug 4 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Aug 4 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Written on 08/05/2019
Ronbo Sports

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Audio only Callers : 650-524-5296

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PIN: 35351

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Starting at Aug. 4, 7 PM PDT
The character of The 2019 49ers is starting to emerge with some clarity! Could this team be more about the defense even with an offensive football savant like Kyle Shanahan running the offense as well as the head coach? How is exciting is this possibility? Dee Ford is nursing an ailing knee that flares up annually at the same time. Meanwhile Nick Bosa appears to at least insure that the Leo spot will be maintained and with authority! Kwon Alexander was flexing today DJ Jones, and Dre Greenlaw had a day to today. The biggest claim the offense can make today is the incomparable Jimmy Garoppolo’s string of no Int’s through out camp continues. We’ll be going over Day 8 of training camp 2019 tonight to get your assessments as to how things are going towards QUEST FOR SIX live:on Ronbo Sports Youtube @ 7PM PDT!

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