Sep 07 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Sep 07 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Written on 09/08/2019
Ronbo Sports

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Starting at Sep. 07, 7:20 PM PDT
It’s the opening game of the season for the traveling 49ers vs Buccaneers. For the first time in years the #Niners are potent on both offense, and defense. Jimmy Garoppolo is driven by the fact that as long as he’s been in the league, he still hasn’t laid a full season under center as of yet. Jimmy has plenty of weapons and should be a force with master game caller Kyle Shanahan. However, the defense could steal the show in this game. Between the 49ers stacked pass rush, and them #Hotboyz patrolling the middle of the field Will the secondary benefit from what could be a “monster rush?” This could be one of the more exciting games that we’ve watched as 49ers fans in years.

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