[Video] 49ers vs Bengals Week 2 2019 Review | Week 3 vs Steelers Game Preview

[Video] 49ers vs Bengals Week 2 2019 Review | Week 3 vs Steelers Game Preview

Written on 09/20/2019
Ronbo Sports

The 49ers vs Bengals was interesting only in the first half due to the fact that Kyle Shanahan X’d & O’d the Bengals defense to death. By the time the 4th quarter came around, Shanahan would cut loose a brutal run game that ate up the clock and tired the Bengals demoralized defense completely out. There was no let up from Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert or Jeffrey Wilson Jr. as they pounded the Bengals defense into submission.

Jimmy Garoppolo showed the promise in this game that he will indeed get back to being "Jimmy G".

Deebo Samuel was not mentally unprepared on this day as he was to a small degree in game one of the new season, and made clear his being the 49ers 2nd round pick was exactly right. 

The 49ers defense picked up right where it left off from week one with a pressuring defense that refused to allow a snap to Andy Dalton that didn’t include a raging red & gold stampede giving him time to choose to abort or or suffer violent consequences.

This week RonboSports has the pleasure of having Niner faithful Russo who will add some insightful football perspective involving both games 2 & the upcoming game 3…

We'll be discussing the 49ers impressive offensive explosion as well as what to expect this Sunday in the week 3 game pitting the 49ers vs Steelers contest in this 3rd week of the 2019 season, and much more on the "Ronbo Sports Weekly".