[Video] San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers Week 12 2019 Game Preview

[Video] San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers Week 12 2019 Game Preview

Written on 11/22/2019
Ronbo Sports

The 49ers vs Packers is the beginning of the Niners trial run into the final stretch of the 2019 season that is supposed to have the Niner faithful trembling in fear. 
The best thing about this matchup is that provided the 49ers win they will have beaten another formidable opponent that is over .500, and holding on to a game lead on top of the NFC NORTH. 
Today Ronbo Sports welcomes Wisconsin native and Niner faithful of course, Paul Lamar Hunter who has a fascinating story of why in the middle of Packers country is he a 49ers fan as well as insights on this upcoming game with the Green Bay Amongst many topics we’ll be touching up include:

- Now that Jimmy Garoppolo is  having to display more throwing prowess can we assume some things about him? 

 - Dee Ford will be out for awhile. How much faith can be put into Demontre Moore taking over for him in his absence?

- What are can be expected of the 49ers this Sunday night vs the Packers?

Our incredible Niner faithful guest  today can be reached at paul@paullamarhunter.com
 or visit www.paullamarhunter.com. His book is available at Barnes & Noble, through amazon.com and on iTunes.

 All of the aforementioned, and much more in this 3rd NFL week of November on the "Ronbo Sports Weekly"