Dec 09 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Dec 09 - 49ers Fans Gathering

Written on 12/10/2019
Ronbo Sports

Instructions on how to join the gathering: (Please read the instructions before join the show)

Audio only Callers : 650-524-5296

International Access:

PIN: 20061

Video Callers :

Starting at Dec. 09, 7:00 PM PST
The 49ers vs Saints brings to an extremely entertaining end to what was called "the DREADED 3 GAME GAUNTLET" The Niners exit battle tested and hardened, having won 2 of the 3 contest from what may have been a test equal to anything they will see in the playoffs. We’ll be going over the drama that took place in "The Big Easy" and make judgements of the Niners performances.

Please note: you must have the YouTube app downloaded onto your phone for live chat.